A new book based on the memoirs of Dr Norman Parsons Jewell give a remarkable insight into life during the First World War in East Africa.

Dr Jewell served as Medical Officer during the war in East Africa as well as a Doctor and Administrator in the UK colonial service in Seychelles and Kenya. Along with excerpts from his personal diary, Dr Jewell’s photo collections highlights the role of Africans in the First World War.


Wheeled stretchers, ambulance drill at Tembo camp, October 1915


Armoured cars on route to Handeni

Armoured cars (known as Rhinos) on the road to Handeni


Carrying the wounded

Carrying the wounded, ambulance drill 1916


Dhows leaving Mombasa

Dhows leaving Mombasa with change of monsoon winds c 1923


Motorised Medical Supplies Transport

Motorised Medical Supplies Transport, preparing to leave camp. 1916


Image of Dr Norman Parsons Jewell

Dr Norman Parsons Jewell at Bura camp 1915

Read a review of the book On Call in Africa in War and Peace 1910-1932. Download the ebook from iTunes.

Find out more about Dr Jewell and his memoirs via the website: On Call in Africa. You can also access Dr Jewell’s full photo catalogue. You can also access the lightbox for this collection.


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