Continental Breakfasts

Continental Breakfast 13: Brexit’s lasting effects on the EU

The departure of the UK will have lasting effects on the European Union, which will be felt for years to come. Marcel Hadeed (LSE) reports on a lunchtime event on 1 October, 2018 jointly hosted between LSE and the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin. Where do we stand six months ahead of the British withdrawal from the EU? How do […]

Continental Breakfast 12: Where is Brexit heading to?

The UK wants to remain economically in the UK, but leave it politically. Horatio Mortimer (LSE) reports on a breakfast event held at the LSE to discuss where Brexit is likely to end up. The likely outcome, the participants concluded, will be a ‘Brino’ – Brexit in name only – that satisfies no one.

In simplified terms, at the moment […]

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    Notes on compromise: joining the EEA is not the same as staying in the EU

Notes on compromise: joining the EEA is not the same as staying in the EU

On behalf of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has urged that the UK leave the EU but remain within the Customs Union. It should seek also to join the European Economic Area on the same terms as Norway and Iceland enjoy. Many others have defended the same proposal. On a free vote, it would probably command a majority in the House […]

Continental Breakfast 11: fragile politics and trading relationships

Business Europe hosted a panel of LSE experts for a joint seminar with business representatives in Brussels on 25 June 2018 to discuss the current state of Brexit negotiations. Professors Kevin Featherstone and Tony Travers talked about the political situation in the UK, and Professor Paola Conconi and Jan Kleinheisterkamp went on to discuss potential new UK-EU trade relationships. Elsa Leromain (CEP, LSE) […]

LSE Continental Breakfast 10: Brexit and multilateralism

Multilateral institutions – from the EU to NATO to the G-summits – are under strain. How does Brexit fit into this trend? Horatio Mortimer (LSE) reports on an expert discussion held at the LSE under Chatham House rules in June 2018.
Brexit, Germany and the multilateral system
Brexit is bad news for the EU, and perhaps especially for Germany, the EU’s largest and […]

Continental Breakfast 9: Can Brexit only mean exit? European foreign policy and security co-ordination

The EU has recently ramped up its Common Security and Defence Policy. Will the UK be able to maintain similar partnerships with the EU after Brexit? Sean M Deel (LSE) reports on an LSE Continental Breakfast discussion at Sciences Po, Paris on 28 March between leading thinkers in international relations and European politics, with contributions from policy makers and civil servants.

Continued deep ties in […]

LSE Continental Breakfast 8: ‘follow’, ‘unfriend’ or ‘take a break’? Three Brexit scenarios envisaged

‘Follow’, ‘unfriend’ or ‘take a break’? Reporting on LSE Continental Breakfast discussions held under Chatham House rules among Italian and British economists, policy-makers and the public in Rome in early February 2018, Marina Cino Pagliarello (LSE) looks at the economic and political consequences of the three options still open to the UK. She then outlines the possibility of a Brexit that […]

Continental Breakfast 6: Is Switzerland a model for the UK-EU relationship?

The Swiss ambassador to the UK joined experts in the field at the LSE on 6 December to discuss the pros and cons of the Swiss model as a frame for Britain’s future relationship with the EU. Diane Bolet (LSE) reports on the key points of the discussion, which was held under Chatham House rules. The Swiss model is […]

LSE Continental Breakfast 5: Britain’s financial obligations to the EU

How much does Britain owe the EU? What are its legal obligations? Is the European Commission right to demand that the vexed issue of Britain’s ‘divorce bill’ is settled before trade talks can begin? Britain’s financial obligations to the EU were the subject of the fifth Continental Breakfast discussion at the LSE – held under Chatham House rules, so […]

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    LSE Continental Breakfast 4: Britain’s future trade relationships

LSE Continental Breakfast 4: Britain’s future trade relationships

In the fourth of LSE’s Continental Breakfasts – held under Chatham House rules, so participants can speak as freely as they wish – a roundtable discussed the future of Britain’s trade outside the Single Market. Chrysa Papalexatou reports on some of the key points.

The UK’s preferred Brexit outcome remains unclear – at least in any depth. The General Election result has only […]