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    Has the government been overestimating net non-EU immigration?

Has the government been overestimating net non-EU immigration?

Could next Monday present another moment of embarrassment for the government on immigration? As figures are finally due out on net migration – delayed from May – the signs are somewhat ominous, writes Marely Morris (IPPR). He argues that it’s looking increasingly possible that the government’s central estimate of migration – based on its longstanding International Passenger Survey – […]

Long read: how to deploy the emergency brake to manage migration

Freedom of movement is one of the ‘red lines’ that preclude Britain’s continuing membership of the Single Market: the PM believes the referendum was a clear rejection of the principle. But could the UK deploy an ’emergency brake’ at regional (rather than national) level to help manage EU migration and thereby qualify for European Economic Area membership? Catherine Barnard and Sarah Fraser Butlin (University […]

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    That easy IT solution to get “settled status” after Brexit. Will it work as promised?

That easy IT solution to get “settled status” after Brexit. Will it work as promised?

Edgar Whitley (LSE) explains how the process of acquiring “settled status” after Brexit may unfold. His analysis shows there is continuing uncertainty about whether applying for electronic documentation will be indeed as easy as claimed. If it isn’t, then the backlash from EU citizens and the EU could be significant, he concludes.

Being a “local” to the Belgian city of Bruges has a […]

‘Like the end of a love story’: Brexit and highly-skilled French migrants in London

French migrants in London, most of them highly skilled and economically successful, were among the most shocked by Brexit. Jon Mulholland (University of the West of England) and Louise Ryan (University of Sheffield), who first researched this group in 2011-12, revisited them after the referendum and found uncertainty, precarity and deep sadness.

Despite the destructive shockwaves of the financial crisis of 2008, […]

Not settled yet: questions the Home Office has yet to answer about EU citizens’ status

EU citizens living in the UK will be able to apply for settled status post-Brexit. Anne-Laure Donskoy sets out some of the problems with this plan and the uncertainties that remain.

At long last, the UK government has published the document that was supposed to give all 3.6m EU citizens currently living in the UK clarity and certainty about their status […]

International Health Service: how the NHS has always relied on overseas labour

Would-be NHS staff from overseas will shortly find it easier to secure permission to work in the UK. Doctors and nurses from the European Economic Area, who have helped to meet staff shortages in recent decades, may no longer have the right to do so. Parvati Raghuram (Open University) looks at how the NHS has depended on foreign workers since […]

Post-Brexit immigration policy: Scotland wants to go its own way

Britain does not yet have a post-Brexit immigration policy, and a likely shortage of lower-skilled workers poses a particular challenge. Sarah Kyambi (University of  Edinburgh) looks at how governments try to meet labour shortages and why Scotland is exploring ways to encourage migrants to settle permanently.

Despite the likelihood that free movement will end when the UK leaves the European […]

Migrants are key to productivity gains for countries

For decades, the focus of the economic literature when studying migration was, for the most part, on the impact it has on labour-related outcomes such as wages and unemployment. But these studies have only been able to tell us one side of the story. As is the case with other flows, such as trade and investment, there are many […]

Britain can be a more welcoming society to migrants

It’s not easy being a migrant, and the uncertainty of Brexit and the Windrush scandal only add to the challenge of creating a new home in an unfamiliar place. In this blog, Olivia Darby (Wonder Foundation) sets out the ways in which Britain can create a more welcoming society to migrants post-Brexit.

Within the debates around migration and integration, definitions […]

Switzerland wanted more immigration controls, but economic self-interest will probably prevail

Four years ago the Swiss voted to curb the freedom of movement of people between their country and the EU. Faced with the threat of a breakdown in its bilateral agreements with the EU, the government implemented only minor changes. With a further vote in prospect, Pascal Sciarini (University of Geneva) argues that economic realism is likely to win […]