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Prelude to a Lexit manifesto: decoding the new German ideology

German liberal ideology has come to dominate the European Union, but it is fraying as movements for popular sovereignty gather pace. Brexit is the tip of the iceberg, writes Michael Wilkinson (LSE). It represents a chance for the Left to reconnect with democratic socialism and reject an authoritarian Europe in favour of progressive politics.

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of […]

A No Deal Brexit would be a liberation, not a crisis

The government’s ‘deal’ with the EU is atrocious, writes Ruth Lea. The Withdrawal Agreement and the ‘Political Declaration on the framework for the future relationship’ would shackle this country and have nothing to commend them. The indications are that the House of Commons will reject the ‘deal’ on 11 December, when the ‘meaningful’ vote is due to take place. One can only […]

There’s no ‘Left Brexit’ – the EU enhances our sovereignty in building a just society

Three main claims made by advocates of ‘Lexit’ – a ‘Left Brexit’ – are that the EU prevents the UK from ‘wholesale state intervention in the economy’, the EU is bad for workers’ rights, and that it cannot be reformed. All three claims are mistaken, argues Ewan McGaughey (King’s College London), because the EU supports any system of property ownership, […]

Staying in the EU would not be perfect. But it’s the best deal on offer

Is it time for Parliament to compromise and vote through May’s Brexit deal? Dimitri Zenghelis (LSE) argues that ‘no deal’ is not the only viable alternative to a deeply flawed deal. Yes, a second referendum would divide the country – but it is already divided. People are now in a better position to understand the choices on offer and […]

Very little time is left for Parliament to scrutinise Brexit statutory instruments

The Hansard Society has been tracking how many of the 800-1000 statutory instruments the government says it needs to deliver Brexit have been laid before Parliament. With only four months to go, only 21% have reached the Houses – leaving MPs and peers with very little time to scrutinise them, writes Joel Blackwell (Hansard Society).

There are just 127 days […]

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    Labour’s opportunity: the party should abandon soft Brexit and back remain and reform

Labour’s opportunity: the party should abandon soft Brexit and back remain and reform

Mary Kaldor (LSE) argues that now is the moment for Labour to abandon the soft Brexit position and come out for remain and reform as part of a far-reaching deliberative exercise in both Britain and mainland Europe.

According to Theresa May, the choice is between her deal, no deal or no Brexit. But the Labour leadership still seems to think […]

The rhetoric of self-preservation: Brexit and blame avoidance

What rhetorical strategies do Brexiteers adopt to defend their position? Sten Hansson (University of Tartu) looks at five ways that Theresa May, David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox have sought to deflect criticism of Brexit, and concludes that they risk damaging democratic debate.

In modern democracies, governments increasingly engage in blame avoiding behaviour when they adopt policies that hurt the […]

Austerity swung voters to Brexit – and now they are changing their minds

The voters most badly hit by austerity cuts were those drawn to UKIP and who supported Leave in the EU referendum, argues Thiemo Fetzer (University of Warwick). Recent polling evidence suggests that it is these same voters who are now changing their minds about Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn, when asked in a recent interview whether he would stop Brexit if he […]

Can we really get a ‘better’ deal?

Theresa May’s plan kicks the Brexit ‘can’ down the road because any Brexit deal will be inferior to the status quo, write Michael Ellington and Costas Milas (Liverpool).

Publication of the 585-page Brexit-deal document was immediately followed by swift criticism of Mrs May’s negotiating ‘outcome’ and a series of cabinet resignations. When academics are asked to examine a PhD student, they are […]

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    Can Parliament be scared into submission over the Brexit deal?

Can Parliament be scared into submission over the Brexit deal?

As agreement is reached with the EU, Theresa May’s Brexit deal will come before Parliament. In this blog, Benjamin Martill (LSE) breaks down the parliamentary arithmetic and assesses her options.

My Kingdom for a Deal

Theresa May has, at long last, reached agreement with the EU on the terms of Britain’s impending withdrawal from the Union on 29 March 2019. Although […]

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