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Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, No Brexit?

What will Brexit mean for the relationship between the UK, Germany and the EU? With Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, David McAllister, John Ryan and Michael Cox.

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Brussels may have agreed to accelerate Brexit negotiations – but Merkel’s priorities are elsewhere

At her meetings in Brussels this week, Theresa May and the European Commission agreed to ‘accelerate’ the stalled Brexit negotiations. But, as John Ryan (LSE) writes, after a bruising election result Angela Merkel will be preoccupied with coalition talks until Christmas. The UK should not expect major concessions from Germany, which knows its principal interest is in preserving the Single Market.

The […]

A German ‘Jamaica’ coalition will hinder Eurozone reform, but make little difference to Brexit

Angela Merkel cannot govern alone. John Ryan (LSE) explores the difficult task she faces in pulling together a coalition, which will probably be a three-way affair between the CDU/CSU, the Greens and the FDP – a so-called ‘Jamaica’ coalition. Emmanuel Macron’s plans to reform the Eurozone are likely to prove a flashpoint. But the arrival of Merkel’s governing […]

If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry … Brexit and the renaissance of British humour

It would be unbearable if it weren’t so amusing … John Ryan (LSE Ideas) says the desire to salvage some comic value from the Brexit negotiations, and the chief political players, has inspired plenty of satire – something the British have long excelled at. Even the more arcane elements of British comedy have found an appreciative audience in continental Europe.

The referendum was won […]

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    The German election result will slow down the Brexit process

The German election result will slow down the Brexit process

German coalition talks are not likely to produce a new government until January 2018. This will slow down the Brexit process, argues John Ryan (LSE Ideas). He also suggests that Theresa May should not rely on being able to gain support for her demands from Angela Merkel, whose chief political interest will be in keeping the EU-27 together and forming a new government […]