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The Brexit Alternatives and their Implications

What might the UK learn from the experiences of other European states that are outside the EU but have endeavoured to maintain close economic ties to it? With Joachim Blatter, Erik O Eriksen Sieglinde Gstöhl and Kevin Featherstone

November 27th, 2017||0 Comments|

Although Britain won’t rejoin EFTA, it can learn a great deal from its experience

Although Theresa May wants a bespoke deal with the EU that will be outside the European Free Trade Association, EFTA’s own relationship with the Union is instructive, write Sieglinde Gstöhl (College of Europe) and Christian Frommelt (Liechtenstein Institute). It sheds light on the challenges of an ‘arm’s-length’ relationship with the EU, in particular for trade policy.

In her Florence speech in September, Theresa […]