hand with moneyWe need to address the role private debt and real estate play in our economies

Without radical reform we will be vulnerable to future crises and stuck in slow growth for many years, writes Adair Turner



Launch event photoHow can the UK improve its lagging productivity — and still build the workforce?

On video: Vince Cable, Diane Coyle, Bronwyn Curtis and Anna Leach, with John Van Reenen and Robin Mansell



UK productivityThe UK’s productivity challenge takes different shapes across sectors

Anna Leach surveys the longstanding impacts of the financial crisis on the financial, transport and construction industries



productivityThe UK needs a clear growth strategy to avoid short-term solutions to the productivity puzzle

Anna Valero suggests ways to deal with deficits in skills, infrastructure and innovation



portThe presence of foreign multinationals in the UK boosts innovation by domestic firms

Capacity to absorb new knowledge is essential, find Riccardo Crescenzi, Luisa Gagliardi and Simona Iammarino



scienceSpending review brings good news for science

Sustained public investment in research can boost business, writes Romesh Vaitilingam




black-and-white-city-man-people[1]The top ten ways in which firms and universities interact

The social sciences are catching up with other departments in helping shape businesses, writes Patrick Dunleavy



Powerhouse trainJust how powerful is the Northern Powerhouse?

The idea has generated media hype, but it’s London that takes an ever-larger share of the investment pie, writes Henry Whorwood



doctor healthcareHealthcare competition can improve management quality and save lives

Money should follow patients and they need information and choice, write Nicholas Bloom and John Van Reenen



older peopleSomething is missing in the idea of entrepreneurs as young and empowered

Necessity, rather than opportunity, pushes older adults to become entrepreneurial, writes Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo