Oct 9 2012

A consulting event for PhDs

News just in from Booz & Company is that they are now hiring PhDs at the Senior Consultant level in their London office. On the theme of the relevance of a PhD to a career in consulting, LSE PhDs interested in a career in this sector may find the PhD to Consulting Conference London 2012 on Wednesday 24 October useful.

The organisers say:

“Speakers from various consulting firms and recruitment consulting will be talking about consulting industry in general, scope for PhD recruits, expectation of consulting industry from PhDs, ideal skill set requirement for a PhD recruit, recruitment and assessment procedures, and tips for preparing for recruitment procedures (case interviews, competencies, etc). Talks will be followed by 30-45 minutes of case study workshop and networking session. So far we have confirmed speakers from Boston Consulting Group, Ernst & Young, Oliver Wyman, IMS Consulting Group, Alcimed and Catenion. If you want to participate as a speaker then please contact us at phdtoconsulting@gmail.com.”

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