Mar 14 2014

Microvolunteering Day – 15th March

March 15th is the is the first annual microvolunteering day. Check out the site for how the volunteering world will be celebrating.

What is micro volunteering?

Micro volunteering is a chance for a volunteer to donate small chunks of time to a charitable project, often through a web-enabled device. As¬†Ivo¬†explains, “A quick scout around the web reveals many definitions, but one that seems most apt would be ‘small, quick, low commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause’.” Sparked, a volunteer matching website has a tag line that reads, “It’s online volunteering, for busy people (like you).”

This means it can be done on the bus, whilst on a lunch break or even in your pyjamas!

Find out more on the LSE Volunteer Centre website.

About David Coles

I am the Volunteer Coordinator at LSE. My aim is to help LSE students find rewarding volunteering opportunities, facilitating their personal development whilst contributing to society. Check out the Volunteer Centre @ LSE Careers website for information on how you can get involved.
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