The start of a new year is a great time to make changes. So why not pledge to do something for charity? Leyla Nor, LSE student volunteering ambassador, gives five reasons why volunteering should be your new year pledge:

  1. The feel-good factor: The sense of satisfaction after doing a good deed is unbeatable. Volunteering and feeling happy and optimistic is a great way to start 2015.
  2. Check-off items on your bucket list: Volunteering gives you the chance to meet new people, try new things and gain new experiences. The opportunities are endless which means you can cover things on your bucket list.
  3. Continue the Christmas kindness: Christmas is a time of giving and spreading joy, but what’s stopping you from helping others after the festive season? Continue the Christmas spirit by volunteering.
  4. Try something new and different: Volunteering is always a new and exciting experience. You may even discover some new interests.
  5. Be the change you want to see: Volunteering not only brings benefits to you, but also helps others. Start making changes for the better in your community.

All volunteering make a difference – whether it’s just a couple of hours or a longer-term commitment. Make volunteering your #LSEnewyearpledge and join 42% of LSE students who volunteer during their time at the School.

You can find lots of volunteering opportunities on LSE CareerHub. We want to hear your new year resolutions so make sure you read about our campaign and get in touch.