DSC_1094 smallThe Volunteer Centre is delighted to have received 29 brilliant nominations for the LSE Volunteer of the Year award. We are now tasked with the exciting challenge of selecting a winner, who will be announced at LSE Volunteers, the celebratory ceremony next Tuesday.

Have a read of the 29 nominations below.
Name: Ashley Archibald

Nominated by: Mevan Babakar

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteering at Full Fact 

Ashley has gone above and beyond to volunteer with us in the run up to the election. The enthusiasm with which she takes on any task is commendable. No task is too small or too big! She’s used her Economic and Journalistic nous most recently to help us live fact-check the Election debates. She prepared our work for them so that we could respond within 30 seconds to any claim.

Our Head of Media says: “She approaches every task with great intelligence. Her work is thorough and always useful. As a trained journalist, she understood immediately what I needed from a framework for the manifesto factcheck responses.” She’s also worked on a media directory which will be useful for many years to come. Beyond our core work, Ashley has also supported our comms team by contacting donors, recruiting other volunteers and even doing some programming to automate some of our processes. She even helped us make tables once. She is dependable, hardworking and always a delight to work with.

Name: Mattia Barina

Nominated by: Lucy Goodwill

Opportunity the student has been involved in:  Student Ambassador/Mentor at IntoUniversity  

Mattia has gone above and beyond for IntoUniversity this year. He has been an integral part of our Student Ambassador team, always going the extra mile in his role; he always says yes to any additional requests made of him (for example, writing a blog about his volunteering experience for the LSE volunteer centre, working really hard on supporting our mentoring recruitment drive, spending all day at all of our additional recruitment events etc). He is also now in his second year as a Mentor at our North Kensington centre and is really enthusiastic and committed, now working with his second mentee. He is really professional, organised and friendly and we are so pleased to have him as part of our team.

Name: Mattia Barina

Nominated by: Anantya Chandra

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Mentoring at IntoUniversity  

Mattia’s dedication towards volunteering at LSE has been exceptional over the last 3 years. He has committed a lot of time to IntoUniversity and its mentoring program, cultivating relationships with his mentees and guiding them to achieve their academic and school-related goals over the last 3 years, setting them up for future success and paving the road for university entrance. He has recently taken up a leadership role with into university, as an ambassador leading outreach for its nationwide programme, often sacrificing time from his academic and personal life to meet his commitments.

His compassion and commitment to helping others is immediately noticeable as a member of the LSE student body. His volunteering philosophies are reflected in his everyday life. Recently he embarked on a project in Uganda with Raleigh International, and in his GAP year will teach and volunteer in India. I highly recommend him for LSE’s Volunteer of the Year.

 Name: Morgan Burley

Nominated by: Emmanuel Michael

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteer Befriender at Westminster Befriend A Family

Morgan has been volunteering for our organisation and providing emotional and practical support to a young boy age 14 since July 2014. The young person has disability and suffers from Language and speech delay and as well as DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder / Dyspraxia).  This young boy disability affects his day to day life to higher extent.

Since Morgan (volunteer) introduced to this young man, his life has changed to a better. His academic progress was noticed by his teacher and his parents, he grew in confidence and able to take part in a sport activates. Within his household he become more independent and started to perform gradually the simplest tasks which he used to find highly challenge.

Name: Sebastian Chan

Nominated by: James Ralph

Opportunity the student has been involved in: LSESU Active Lifestyle

Seb oversaw a brand new weekly 5-a-side Football league which ran on Wednesday afternoons throughout MT and LT. Seb organised the fixtures and timings, liaised with the venue and was point of contact for all teams. He took the equipment to and from the venue each week. Seb set up a webpage for the league using the FA fulltime website. He also then collated all the results and updated the league table on a weekly basis.

Seb encouraged undergraduates and postgraduates to take part in the league and supported them throughout. He also wrote an article for the Beaver to promote the league and to profile the aims of the Active Lifestyle project. Seb planned and delivered the ‘Christmas Cup’ 5-a-side Football tournament which was one-off event held in the last week of MT. 20 teams took part in this event organised in partnership with LSE Men’s FC and LSESU Active Lifestyle. Seb organised the fixtures, rules, format and equipment prior to the event and then managed things on the day.

Name: Chris Daboiko

Nominated by: Michael Chandler

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Evaluation support at Cardboard Citizens

Chris showed a huge amount of commitment and astuteness in supporting Cardboard Citizens’ researcher with our evaluation, which has led to an incredibly robust piece of research being completed for the organisation. We hope this report will help us position ourselves better going forward and influence stakeholders, and as such it has become a hugely important document.

Chris was always friendly, warm, fascinated and open to understanding new and unusual situations, working in our unique environment, where homeless people needing emergency support work alongside theatre of the oppressed practitioners. Chris fitted in immediately and was keen to learn about our work – and this fed into his passion and success in analysing our outcomes. A genuinely nice and intelligent young man who we hope goes onto great things.

Name: Vicky Eito

Nominated by: Lucy Goodwill

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Student Ambassador/Mentor/Buddy for IntoUniversity  

Vicky has been a highly committed volunteer with IntoUniversity this year, taking on a number of roles with us. Vicky has acted as a Student Ambassador, offering us her time on campus to promote our work and our volunteering opportunities. She has also taken on the role as a Buddy Team leader, coordinating a group of LSE students to design and deliver a workshop for 2 IntoUniversity trips in the Autumn term, as well as initially continuing in her role as a Mentor (though this relationship ended in February).

Her dedication to supporting us and her willingness to take on a range of opportunities has been greatly appreciated and has positively impacted a great deal of our work.

Name: Andrea Guerini

Nominated by: Eduardo Florez 

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteering with the Colombian Coffee Company/Ethical Caffeine

I would like to nominate our LSE volunteer Andrea Guerini for Volunteer of the Year. Me and the trustees have been very impressed by Andrea’s work and commitment towards our ethical coffee initiative.  Andrea is half Italian and half Colombian, he is truly convinced that from our work in London we will be able to change the life of entire communities in Colombia.

We are not just a bridge between him and his background, he is now becoming a bridge between his background and the future of Colombia, he is always reading about the peace process and creating links with our work. He has understood our strategy and approach and keeps generating amazing content on our social media like the Tweet below, and this is apart of his deep research of academic papers, among other things.

“Hedge funds push down coffee prices by 8.4% in 5 days. Shouldn’t farmers price their own Coffee? #Ethical #Coffee  pic.twitter.com/MVmr0j9Pzx

Thanks to his economic analysis we have been followed in social media now by organisations like the Fair-Trade, The Economist or the UN! We are glad he is half Italian,  hence a truly coffee lover: Andrea is very willing to do Barista work which despite not been academic is a part of our activities, and this has been entirely on his proposal.  We understand he is the first Italian student with a 100% Italian academic curriculum to be accepted at LSE?

He has even offered to carry out our accountancy considering he was preparing for his accountancy exams.  In conclusion, he has made a big difference in our organisation but most importantly, in the life of communities who don’t know he actually exist.  Nominating him will make justice to a hidden and somehow shy student who is openly willing to change the world through his academic work. We are very glad to be part of his student-time interests.

Name: Charlotte Hussey

Nominated by: Michael Chandler

Organisation: Delete Blood Cancer UK

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Organised donor recruitment event in order to register students for stem cells donors at LSE for Delete Blood Cancer UK.

Charlotte was in charge of the whole organisation of the event to register new lifesavers for those People who suffers from leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. It’s a great cause therefore I believe she deserves to be nominated as Volunteer of the Year. I think it’s great that she organised it and wanted more people to join the registry and save someone’s life one day. People are not aware that every 20min someone is diagnosed with blood cancer. I definitely believe she derves that award, as life of so many People could be changed. 110 new donors were registered on the day.

Name: Kumiko Imai

Nominated by: Olivia Darby

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Fundraising support and project development at The Wonder Foundation

Through her fantastic work at Wonder, she has helped to design educational resources, and form and maintain partnerships between elementary schools in London and local schools in both Guatemala and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She has worked directly with young people and led workshops in schools engaging the students and their families to support two projects: Junkabal, a school in a community that lives around the 40-acre rubbish dump in Guatemala City and Lycee Liziba, a school in Kinshasa, DR Congo. With her great work at Wonder, she has helped to raise over £4,000 for those schools and to raise awareness among the children, parents and teachers to help in these good causes.

Name: Akshath Arjun Kale

Nominated by: Antonella De Carlo

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Academic Mentoring at Fitzrovia Youth in Action

I would like to nominate Akshath for the Volunteer of the Year award. The academic mentoring programme works with young people who are at risk of dropping out school and aims to prevent young people to become NEET. The project goal is to improve young people’s aspirations and attainment by matching up with a student mentor. Akshath was matched with 17 years old boy who is experiencing a very emotional distress period in his life and he was struggling with his A levels subjects. Akshath in the last few months has helped him to feel more confident and develop a clearer sense of what he wants. He helped this young person to establish a working timetable for exams-dates and plans for revision. The young person said ‘ I really enjoyed meeting Akshath he has been great on helping me to organising my study time table and to make me more focus on working towards my goals’ . Akshath provided a valuable support for a student at critical point in his life and has demonstrated a great understanding of inner city.

Name: Alexa Helen Li

Nomated by: Gemma Obeng

Opportunity the student has been involved in: GlobalGiving UK Grassroots Leadership Programme

Alexa has worked extremely hard with members of her team on the Grassroots Leadership programme. She has demonstrated leadership skills and always completed tasks in good time when asked of her. She has supported her team mates and others in the programme with their tasks. Within her team she has raised over £200 for GlobalGiving partners in Africa helping children receive Christmas gifts and school meals and supported a London charity to increase their fundraising capacity.

Name: Hsieh Li

Nominated by: Shweta Rajwade

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Interning at  Schools and Teachers Innovating for Results (STIR) – a charity focused on improving learning outcomes of children in developing countries through creating a teacher led movement of change.

Chuck has contributed tremendously to our work in the short span he has been here- supporting on data analysis, events planning, communication and any task given. He is diligent, self-motivated, does stellar work and always delivers quality work before or on time with requested deadline. He thinks creatively, isn’t afraid to question or argue; all with the long term intention of quality delivery. He will be an asset to any organisation he joins. Thanks.

Name: Anna Ling

Nominated by: Lisa Spirakes

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteer Project Administrator for Camden Citizens Advice Bureau Service

Anna has been volunteering with us since January 2014 and the heart of the Volunteer Project. Camden CAB is a volunteer-based advice provider and we rely heavily on volunteers to deliver our service. She ensures that the recruitment process for potential volunteers runs smoothly. She deals with all manner of queries, represents Camden CAB at volunteer fairs, interviews volunteer candidates and generally ensures that our recruitment process runs efficiently.

She knows our systems better than anyone here, including the paid staff, and I do not know what we would do without her. She has set such a good example that applicants from LSE now tend to be viewed favourably because Anna is an LSE student.

Name: Leyla Mahirah Nor

Nominated by: Lydia Gi-Yeung Luk

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Leading team of 14 to fundraise for Worldwide Cancer Research, LSE Student Volunteering Ambassador

Leyla definitely deserves to win this award because I don’t know anyone else who has devoted as much time and effort to volunteering! She has done a fantastic job leading and assisting our team of fundraisers this year and always goes above the call of duty to help us fundraise as effectively as possible. She’s always there to boost team morale and keeps us updated with the latest fundraising opportunities. I can think of no one more deserving!

Name: Katherine Mitchell

Nominated by: Lucy GoodWill

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Student Ambassador/Academic Support Tutor at IntoUniversity  

Kat has been volunteering with IntoUniversity for 2 years now at our Hackney South centre and in this time has been a great addition to the team. She has also taken on the role of Student Ambassador this year, supporting us to engage more LSE students with our work and our volunteering opportunities, so more young people can benefit from their support.

Name: Isabella Mosselmans

Nominated by: Carolin Ott

Opportunity the student has been involved in: President of Amnesty International Society on campus, actively volunteers for Restless Development and organized a campaign week to fundraise for Street Child.

Bella deserves to be LSE Volunteer of the Year because she has consistently and passionately volunteered for a range of great organizations/causes throughout her time at LSE and has encouraged other students at LSE to volunteer and strongly supported them in doing so. As President of the LSESU Amnesty International Society, she ran one of the most active campaigning groups on campus and amongst other things organized 4 successful human rights campaigns and a fundraising pub quiz.

She has continued to volunteer for Restless Development after having traveled to Sierra Leone after her first year at LSE, in particular campaigning for awareness on tax evasion issues in West Africa. In addition to these commitments, Bella is always prepared to volunteer for other projects she comes across and has not only fundraised for Street Child but also assisted in a number of volunteering initiatives across London including for the LSESU UN Society.

Name: Maxi Pethoe-Schramm

Nominated by: Hannah Lane

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteering at Redress Asia

Maxi joined initially on a short term volunteer role, but ended up staying much longer to help us out with a variety of our projects. She was always willing to take on any job that was presented to her and was passionate about the work we were doing, going above and beyond to deliver. She was reliable and driven and one of the best volunteers we have ever had. Through having Maxi as part of the team with me here in London (I work remotely from the rest of the team in Hong Kong) I was supported to be able to achieve project goals more easily. She’s an asset to any team.

Name: Anneke Maxi Pethoe-Schramm

Nominated by: Kayathri Raveendran

Opportunity the student has been involved in: EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 cycle at Redress, a Fashion NGO

Maxi has always been used her free time and degree to raise awareness of those less fortunate than her and bring about the many passions of hers. From being part of the LSESU Global Brigades to volunteering out LSE at Redress, a Fashion NGO, she truly uses all of her free time to do good deeds. A great achievement of hers was that she was invited to London Fashion Week through Redress to help with the sustainability catwalks.

With a team she helped shortlist the candidate for The EcoChic Design Award, which is is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition challenging emerging fashion designers to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. This cycle celebrates the competition’s fourth year anniversary and is open to emerging fashion designers living in any country in Asia and Europe. She is currently in the start-up phase of a new project she is working on bringing LSE teachers and professors to volunteer and help guide prisoners in the form of education.

Name: Lily Piachaud

Nominated by: Claire Lubert

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteering with the fundraising team at Doctors of the World

Lily is a volunteer on the fundraising team and she is bringing tremendous added value to our organisation. She is motivated and energetic and has been a very fast learner. She is now involved in all aspects of challenge event fundraising and community fundraising. She works on developing new partnerships for our charity with gyms; she is persuasive and was quick to deliver on the first partnership. She also helps with promoting events to our audience to try to find new participants in our fundraising events and ensures that the supporter journey is at the highest standard and done in a timely manner.

She is creative and comes up with new ideas all the time about how we can improve our fundraising services and maximise our opportunities. She is very interested in the activities of our organisation and keen to learn new things from all departments. Lily is meticulous and excels at everything she does and I hope she will be chosen as the LSE volunteer of the year, she truly deserves it.

Name: Laura Price

Nominated by: Andy Boor

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteering at FoodCycle LSE

Laura has been a key player at LSE FoodCycle for the past 18 months as a Fundraiser and Student Liaison Co-ordinator. Through her efforts there’s been a stronger connection with the LSESU society. This included helping to arrange debates with Kerry McCarthy MP and Tristram Stuart, a prominent food waste campaigner. At our cooking sessions she has also helped us develop a new partnership with the HIV charity, The Food Chain. The regular Sunday meals now support vulnerable adults who are struggling with this life changing disease. We hope this partnership will continue so we can reach more individuals across the city.

As a fundraiser Laura’s always been enthusiastic, finding a balance between each new initiative, her studies and the other challenges her role. Through her work, the team have managed to raise nearly £2,000 in 7 months. Laura is a model Hub Leader always being diligent in her duties and friendly to everyone who passes through our doors.

Name: Sabrina Rebrab

Nominated by: Emmanuel Michael

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteer Befriender at Westminster Befriend A Family

Sabrina started volunteering with Westminster Befriend a Family (WBAF) since February 2014. Sabrina has been providing emotional and practical support to a single dad (Widower) and a 6 years old daughter.

The little girl mother passed away in June 2013 when the little girl was 4, and also she suffered from epilepsy. This little girl going through a lots of difficulties due to poor health issues, family dispute, poverty and her mother death. our organisation support the family with this transition.  Sabrina has been providing much needed educational support, emotional support, most importantly being a positive role model in this little girls life. Since Sabrina involvement the little girl shows a sign of happiness, she became more sociable and started to make friends and also her relationship improved with her relatives.

Name: Yuen Sin

Nominated by: Bonnie Chiu

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteering at Lensational

Lensational is a non-profit organisation started by a LSE alumnus, Bonnie Chiu in 2013. Working in 4 different countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, and the UK), Lensational has engaged more than 40 volunteers from 15 nationalities despite a budget of less than 10,000 pounds. It is a volunteer-driven, youth-led global movement that has received support from the LSE. And Yuen Sin is crucial in Lensational’s achievement in the past four months.

Two weeks after joining us, she already represented Lensational in the Chase conference and was successful in raising 300 pounds. With her background in journalism, she led a new initiative and invited other volunteers to join – starting a blog that now has global readership (medium.com/@lensationalorg). She also seeks out opportunities for Lensational to cooperate with LSE, including with LSE Volunteering and other departments. Yuen Sin stands out among the volunteers and she will be bringing Lensational to Singapore upon graduation.

Name: Jacqueline Ting

Nominated by: Jamie Karia

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Project Leader of Creative Cycle, Project Member of Gates to Knowledge for Eaves, Enactus.

I have rarely seen a person more dedicated to a cause than Jacqueline has been with her volunteering project. She led a local project with 17 LSE students helping long-term unemployed women who have experienced violence to become financially independent. She was part of the founding team that ran a pilot programme with 3 women last year. By running 1-1 mentoring sessions on online entrepreneurship, she has truly made an impact in these women’s lives. Out of the 15 women she has helped this year, 1 has gained a full-time job whilst more than 6 women have started their own business.

Jacqueline’s project, Creative Cycle, was the 2015 champion for the KPMG “Inspiring Confidence, Empowering Change” award at the Enactus UK competition. Despite her commitment to her project, Jacqueline also volunteers in other Enactus projects. She travelled to India last September and helped designed a project increasing income for poverty stricken families via part-time sewing jobs for five mothers.

Name:  Jacqueline Ting

Nominated by: Jun Rui Soh

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Raising the lives of vulnerable women in London – both emotionally, and financially at Eaves, London-based charity for vulnerable women

Jacq helmed Creative Cycle (CC), a programme held in partnership with London-based charity Eaves, which supports vulnerable women who’ve experienced violence. CC provides 1:1 mentoring to vulnerable women, imparting them both hard skills in e-commerce & soft skills to raise their self-esteem. CC’s vision is to empower these women into confident, independent entrepreneurs. I was privileged to have worked with Jacq & am especially inspired by how she has galvanised dozens of passionate LSE students to join CC, secured partnerships with IHG & empowered vulnerable women into confident entrepreneurs.

A testament to Jacq’s vision for CC and the tangible work she has done, CC clinched the “KPMG Inspiring Confidence, Empowering Change” award. Jacq deserves to be the LSE Volunteer of the Year, because she is more than a volunteer. She stepped up to be an active, innovative & entrepreneurial partner for Eaves. She raised the women’s lives: not just financially, but also emotionally.

Name: Alexander Todd

Nominated by: Emmanuel Michael

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Volunteer Befriending /Mentoring at Westminster Befriend A Family

Alexander has been supporting a single mother with two young boys aged 16 and 12 with emotional and practical support for the past 9 months. Since Alexander start his volunteering with this refugee family, their life dramatically improved. Alexander provides much need educational, emotional and practical support to the whole family. The family are very grateful for his tireless support and we are also proud to have him as our voluble volunteer.

Name: Tarlochan Toor

Nominated by: Randy Mannie

Opportunity the student has been involved in:: Chief Executive Officer for  Health Nation

Initiative doing great work to address obesity crisis. Toor is committed to making charity a success has recruited high quality trustees through his passion and engaging personality. He has been doing this whilst juggling family life, academic studies and soon to return to work in primary care. Toor deserves recognition for his leadership and human qualities that often go beyond the call of duty.

Name: Tarlochan Toor

Nominated by: Anuoluwapo Oluwaranti Martins

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Health Nation was set up to address the obesity epidemic and has already met with several public health organisations.

Tarlochan deserves the award because though the organisation is just a few months old, under his leadership as the CEO they have gained a lot of traction. He has led his team in the fight against obesity which they have been begun in impoverished areas like Newham which is severely affected by the epidemic. Dedicating much time and energy he has successfully recruited other volunteers, set up pragmatic goals and net with strategic stakeholders in the public health space.

Name: Tarlochan Toor

Nominated by: Tarlochan Singh Toor

Opportunity the student has been involved in: Running as CEO of this charity, Health Nation.

Whilst studying for his MSc he has been recruited as the CEO of this new charity. Since acting as a CEO, an entire team of volunteers have been recruited, with formal inductions and several high profile meetings with leaders in Public Health Newham. This is an overwhelming achievement, one that needs to be recognized. The Charity focuses towards targeting this from disadvantaged backgrounds who struggle with unhealthy lifestyles. the charity is focused towards implementing exercise programmed, advice from nationalist and information days. This is a grassroots charity empowering the public.

Huge congratulations to all who have been nominated – it is a fantastic achievement in itself.  We look forward to seeing all the nominees, and those who nominated them, on 12 May.