Each year the LSE Volunteer Centre recruits a number of  students to act as ambassadors for volunteering on-campus. This normally involves being on stalls around campus, posting blog entries and generally telling other LSE students how fantastic volunteering is! We’d like to introduce you to this year’s ambassadors and let them tell you why they signed up.


Alice Robinson

aliceHey! I’m Alice, and I’m currently studying for an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies. I’m looking forward to being a student volunteering ambassador this year, to celebrate the amazing work done by student volunteers and encourage more people to get involved. I’d recommend for anyone to start volunteering – it’s a great way to contribute to and gain a deeper understanding of causes that you care about. Plus, you’ll meet new people and gain so many new skills. My volunteering experience during my undergraduate degree definitely helped me to secure a job once I graduated (it helped to overcome the ‘need experience to get experience’ conundrum!) and also greatly enriched my time as an undergraduate. It can also help you to break out of the ‘student bubble’ and to learn about the different issues and initiatives that are happening all around us in this city. Here in London, there are so many different things to get involved with and so many opportunities on your doorstep – whatever your interests, there’ll be something for you!


Charlotte Ng

charlotteHello there, I’m Charlotte! I am currently studying for a master’s in Law. I am always keen on volunteering opportunities which enable me to contribute back to society. When I doing my undergraduate studies at the University of Nottingham, I volunteered on a weekly basis at the Nottingham Chinese Welfare Association, raised funds for Guide Dogs UK, and was part of the Free Cakes for Kids Nottingham group. I am very excited to be a Student Volunteering Ambassador at LSE and I hope to inspire more students to volunteer as it is a really great experience. From my volunteering experiences, I got to meet new people, know much more about the community, and gain lots of transferable skills. Volunteering not only gives you the opportunity to contribute back to society, it also lets you grow as a person!


Christopher Fairley

I’m a third year from Luton, a town known for chrisour airport and not an awful lot else. I did a bit of volunteering before I got to LSE, mainly just working in a charity shop and helping out my local foodbank. It wasn’t until I started studying here that I got really into campaigning, co-founding the Animal Rights Society in my first year starting LSE Youth Stop AIDS in my second. I helped run a few Amnesty campaigns, organised LSE’s first annual student-led volunteering day, tutored some year 9s through TeamUp and upped my hours at the foodbank whenever I went home. I even won Volunteer of the Year for 2016 and got to give an awkward speech in front of a lot of people dressed in suits with fancy-sounding job titles.

Apparently you’re supposed to actually get a degree while you’re here, so I’ve had to take things down a notch for now. I’m still campaigning when I can, this year for the introduction of an SU Social Mobility or Class Officer to represent and assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds. Being a working class kid at an elite university has made me really passionate about class, and when I graduate I’m hoping on working on class inequality in one way or another. Volunteering has dramatically improved my time at LSE, and I wouldn’t have half the friends or have had half the fun if I didn’t go to one animal rights meeting on a whim during the start of the year, so I’m excited to get other people into the bucket-shaking and banner-waving that’s meant so much to my experience here.


Dumisani Mmoloki Gwakuba

dumisaniHi guys, I am D-troy, currently a third year in Bsc Economics student from Botswana. Volunteering has been something really important in my life in helping shape my skills, but has also given me the opportunity to give back to my communities. Hopefully I can help motivate and encourage you to use LSE Volunteer Centre services and take part in the hundreds of volunteering opportunities available to LSE students. There are so many benefits to volunteering including helping a charitable cause of your interest such as raising funds for cancer research , helping disaster and humanitarian aid, tutoring kids and so much more. In addition, you gain a lot of transferable skills that are useful in whatever career you go into. I look forward to seeing a lot of you around campus and helping give you all information about the LSE Volunteer Centre and how volunteering at LSE will let improve your student life.


Jaskiran Kaur Bhogal

kiranHi everyone! My name is Kiran and I am in my first year of the PhD in Anthropology. I’m from Harrogate, which is a small town in Yorkshire (North England). I love volunteering and think that it is a great way to engage in community life. I have gained so much from my experience in volunteering for a number of organisations. I am a big believer in the value of the voluntary sector so I’m looking forward to helping more people to get involved! Being a student can feel a little disconnected from the real world and I think volunteering is a great way to bridge that gap and gain some meaningful experience. I’m excited to meet lots of new people through being one of LSE’s volunteering ambassadors and working closely with LSE’s Volunteer Centre!


Jiayu Yan

jiayuHi, I am Jiayu. I’m from China and studying my master degree of Management Science (Operational Research). I am passionate about volunteering! During my undergraduate degree, I participated in a variety of volunteering activities both off and in campus, and have completed more than 100 hours of volunteering. For example, during the Sydney Airport Ambassador programme which lasted for three months, I provided passengers visiting Sydney Airport accurate and up to date information by answering questions regarding airport services and facilities and flight information. Also, in the Sydney Mud Run in 2014, I assisted the event flow by giving directions to participants, ensuring the course was free of obstructions and participants were following the correct way.

I believe volunteering experiences not only help me to strengthen my teamwork skills, the ability to solve issues, and how to balance time between study and work, but also are a unique chance for me to communicate with locals and learn the local culture, especially as an international student. Therefore, I am here to encourage you to get involved in the volunteering activities at LSE, and enjoy the benefits volunteering brings to you!!!


Jiemin Lee 

Hi, my name is Jiemin and I’m a second year Geograpjeiminhy student. I believe that volunteering is a great way to make a difference to the people around us, no matter how small, and in whatever way we can. Volunteering has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and discover new interests, meet new people and contribute to meaningful causes. LSE students have so much to offer, and I want to encourage everyone to make use of the many volunteering opportunities available. You could join a project with a group of friends, or even start a new one! I hope everyone has a fulfilling volunteering experience and I am looking forward to all your inspiring stories this year.


Lara Salih

laraHi, my name is Lara. I am a second year undergraduate studying History. My primary motivation for becoming a Student Volunteer Ambassador is to showcase the many benefits of volunteering. There are so many causes to choose from; I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for various causes from political to heritage. Volunteering sets you on a path of self-discovery as well as giving back to the community. I am excited to be part of the volunteering team this year.




Richard Yeboah

I’m Richard. I’m a final year student studying BSc inrichard Economic History and a Volunteer Ambassador for this year. Originally from Ghana, I’ve lived most of my teenage years in East London. I have always been a big fan of volunteering, mainly because of the useful skills and exciting experiences which it brings. As well as this, volunteering has greatly boosted my confidence. In dedicating my free time to working on different projects and initiatives it has helped me to positively contribute to my community. In addition to the feel-good factor, it can provide the chance to learn about different charitable organisations and the amazing work they do; the opportunity to help make their work even more impactful is something that I find very rewarding.

For the corporate orientated readers, volunteering can be the perfect opportunity to set your application apart from other candidates and secure that intern or grad scheme – mainly because of the useful transferable skills which can easily impress employers. Communication, leadership, team-work, project management and self-confidence are all skills that I have picked up or re-enforced through volunteering. This year we have loads of volunteering opportunities available for students. This can provide the perfect way to learn about the hundreds of charities that we work with, but more importantly it can make your time at university even more exciting.


Robyn Grace Gordon

robynHi everyone! My name is Robyn (or you can call me Bobbie, either is good)! LSE can be tough, and volunteering has helped me so much over my years here to stay focused and relaxed. I’m a third year BSc Social Policy and Sociology student, and although I’m super scared to graduate and enter the real world, I know the volunteering I undertake will be a great constant to carry with me after I’ve left the LSE. I’m super excited to be an ambassador this year, especially in order to help recruit new members to the Volunteer Centre’s ever increasing volunteership! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a line on my personal email (r.g.gordon@lse.ac.uk) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to meeting and volunteering with you all soon!


Tazeen Dhanani

tazeenHi! I am a MSc Human Rights student, and hold a MPH from George Mason University and a BSc in Psychology and Art History from Virginia Tech in the United States. I have worked and volunteered with several nonprofit and international organisations, including UN Women, the United Nations Association, and the World Health Organisation. I am a member of several LSESU societies, and serves in leadership roles for the UN Society and Human Rights Society. I also serve as one of three lead editors for LSE’s Human Rights blog, and currently volunteer with RESULTS UK and The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network. I am passionate about women’s empowerment and gender equality issues, and aim to continue my career advocating for these causes.


Wing Kiu Lee

rowenaHi! I am Rowena and I’m currently studying Law. I enjoy doing voluntary work because I can contribute to the community, enrich my life experience and enhance my communication skills and leadership potential simultaneously. Moreover, it is always nice to meet new friends who are also enthusiastic about volunteering. When I was studying in high school, I visited a school for disabled children weekly. It took me quite while to travel, yet the beautiful smiles on the children’s faces were the best rewards of my commitment. Volunteering provides us a platform to demonstrate our strengths, improve our interpersonal skills and contribute to the society. I am eager to encourage more LSE students to get involved!


Yllka Krasniqi

yllkaHi, I’m Yllka. I’m a second year undergraduate History and Government student. I have volunteered in a number of different roles ranging from political volunteering, for the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign to my local charity shops. I have gained many new experiences as well as developing new skills in all of my volunteering roles. Contributing for even an afternoon in our local community is a good way to give back and I would like to encourage other LSE students to really consider getting involved in causes that they care about. I hope to spread my enthusiasm for volunteering throughout LSE this year as a Volunteering Ambassador.