It’s almost week 3 of Lent Term which can only mean one thing: LSESU RAG Week! During this week LSESU RAG raises money for some incredible charities so make sure you go along to their exciting events. See their Facebook page for more information. Below is the full list of events.


Food Fair: RAG week kicks off with a food fair. Various different societies from across the world bring together tasty food all in the name of charity.

French and German Soc: These two societies come together in a Beer Pong tournament to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of famous treaties between the two European nations.

XOYO: The first day of RAG week concludes with the classic Monday evening trip to Monday Monday at XOYO, with ticket proceeds donated to charity.

24 Hour Play: Opportunity to raise money for charity by writing, directing and performing a play all in 24 hours! The event kicks off at 7pm on Monday evening where the title, theme and characters will all be auctioned off. The play will then be performed at 8pm on Tuesday evening, with tickets on sale now!


Rowathon: The Rowing team at LSE have decided to take part in RAG Week by rowing from London to Brussels in the name of charity.

YFN @ LSE: the chance to hear from 3 innovative and exciting charities and social enterprises as well as a way to support them in any way you know how!

Board games Event: Board Game Society brings an event to bring together people from all backgrounds to play a selection of specially picked out board games.


Halls Competition: the various committees of LSE accommodations have been tasked with raising as much money as possible on Wednesday. The one that raises the most wins special prizes supplied by RAG

Football Word Cup: a charity football competition to allow national teams to fight it out to crown the best footballing nation of all. Come down to Shoreditch Power League to see who wins ..!!

Politics Forum: A night of politics, hosted by LSESU Politocs Forum with special guest and Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis.


Cycleathon: Women’s Rugby club are going to cycle from Trump Tower, New York to the White House to celebrate (?) the inauguration of Donald Trump.


Refreshers Fair: Newly formed societies and old ones alike come together to raise money and promote themselves on the last day of RAG week.

Saucy: Finally, RAG week concludes in true LSE style at Saucy. Come and enjoy what is sure to be an amazing end to a fantastic week of Raising and Giving.