Between 20-26 February, LSE played it’s part in another huge Student Volunteering Week, celebrating and highlighting the impact that students make to communities all across the UK.

At LSE we had a different voluntary organisation on campus each day recruiting students, transcribed World War 1 diaries, sorted recycled food at Fareshare, donated socks, signed students up to be stem cell donors, designed cards to be sent to children at Great Ormond Street Hospital, released blogs, held a ‘keepy-uppy’ competition and encouraged the LSE community to pledge #JustOneHour. You can see all the photos of the week on our Facebook page.

The launch of our #JustOneHour campaign has reached over 40,000 people through our Facebook alone, with the video being watched over 10,000 times. We know students at LSE are extremely busy with many competing priorities and we want to ensure that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can make a difference to a cause they’re passionate about. We’re so pleased with the campaign that we’re added a new page to our website which we’ll keep updated with easy to complete volunteering opportunities.

The best part of the achievements above is that most of the ideas came from our fantastic team of Student Volunteering Ambassadors. You’ve probably seen them around campus, in their ambassador hoodies, telling students about their personal volunteering stories and inspiring others to get involved. They, and the many other thousands of LSE volunteers, represent the very best of LSE; marrying academic achievement with the generosity of time to make a positive impact. We’re very proud to have worked with them this year.

Student Volunteering Week is a fantastic chance to encourage people to volunteer but we know that LSE students are donating their time, quite literally, every day of the year. Almost 50% of our undergrads volunteer during their time at LSE, an incredible number. Our students mentor young people, fundraise for fantastic organisations, reach out to combat loneliness in elderly people, stand up for marginalised people, recycle food that would be wasted, run marathons, offer their business skills to small charities, coach rugby, relate to migrants, and offer their services in many other ways to hundreds of charities in London, the UK and much further afield. They do this, often without recognition, because they are passionate about making London, the UK, and the world a better place.

So at the end of Student Volunteering Week it feels the most appropriate thing to say to our student volunteers is ‘thank you’.