The LSE Volunteer Centre organised a one-off volunteering opportunity as part of LSE Student Volunteering Week 2017 on Wednesday 22 February. After meeting all 14 student volunteers at LSE we took to the bus to Greenwich. Once again, the journey proved to be a great way to meet fellow students from different programmes and years of study.

Safety first

After a short walk from the bus stop we got to the FareShare warehouse where the students would volunteer for the rest of the afternoon. The students had to wear yellow coats or vests and sturdy boots to ensure their safety while volunteering. After searching for the right shoe and coat sizes – the latter more challenging than the former – the students were ready for their introduction and tour through the warehouse.

Less waste, more meals

Claire Dennis from FareShare explained that the charity saves surplus food, which would otherwise unnecessarily have been thrown away. Volunteers sort this food in the warehouse, where after it gets send to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people. Our students got involved in this sorting process to help improve the daily lives of people facing food poverty. Thanks to their great work, FareShare could send of more food to charities and community groups. Therefore, they deserve a massive shout out!


Do you also want to do something good for society? We have one more one-off volunteering opportunity coming up this term at the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park. Can’t make it? Why don’t you give #JustOneHour? Read our blog to get a taster of all the fun and interesting volunteering opportunities you can do in one hour.