Blog by Viki Chinn, careers consultant for disabled students:


Summer/exam season is coming and it’s a challenge for any LSE student to balance commitments and time effectively – but it can be particularly demanding for students with additional needs arising from disabilities and health conditions. There are a whole range of ways in which we support disabled students with careers issues, decisions, queries and applications.

Identifying inclusive employers

If you’re concerned about how you will be viewed by an employer if you disclose a disability/health condition or ask for adjustments to the recruitment process, things may start to feel a little stressful. It’s up to you whether you disclose or not.

If you do choose to disclose, let me reassure you – there are a lot of good, inclusive employers out there who are more than happy to make adjustments, take into account mitigating circumstances, and will view you positively due to the extra skills you will have gained through living with and managing your condition. Achieving a place at LSE is no mean feat even without additional barriers, so your success to date already tells them you are a highly credible candidate and they will want to offer you whatever you need to perform to the best of your potential.


As the dedicated careers consultant for disabled students I offer 45 minute one-to-one appointments in which we can discuss issues such as career paths and applications alongside disability issues including:

  • managing job searches and studies with a health condition
  • disclosure
  • reasonable adjustments
  • identifying inclusive employers
  • disclosing and discussing mental health with employers
  • application process support for neurodiverse students
  • handling difficult situations

To book an appointment or request some careers advice, please contact LSE Careers or email me directly at You can also book Skype and telephone appointments if you’re not in London.


Visit CareerHub to view and book events, and please contact us if you have any accessibility requirements and we’ll happily implement any adjustments to enable you to participate fully.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future!