On 27 April the LSE Volunteer Centre and LSESU RAG Society hosted their annual event to celebrate volunteering and fundraising at LSE. Over 60 people attended representing the student body, including LSE Students’ Union, various parts of the School, and charities that have recruited students over the past year as volunteers and fundraisers.

The achievements of LSE students over the past year have been incredible with LSE Volunteer Centre Manager, David Coles, saying: ‘LSE students continue to inspire with their passion for volunteering. Charities gain so much by having some of the brightest, most dedicated and socially conscious young people in the country volunteering for them. I’m very proud of what LSE students have achieved over the past year.’

David Coles, LSE Volunteer Centre Manager

LSESU RAG Vice-President Events Richard Adkins told the audience that RAG had raised over £100,000 this year and in incredible £30,000 in Freshers Week alone. He said: ‘I’ve loved volunteering with RAG over the past three years, I’ve made lifelong friends through being involved.’

Richard Adkins, LSESU RAG Vice-President Events

Bobak Sadaat, Fundraising Product Office at Child.org spoke about the importance of volunteering, both when he studied at LSE and now that he manages volunteers too. He said: ‘As someone who now works with volunteers, I realise that volunteers provide much more than first meets the eye – the best volunteers enable innovation, bring extra skills and experiences to the table and can feedback critical insight on the perception of the charity as well as the success of the programmes that you are involved in.’

Bobak Sadaat, Fundraising Product Office at Child.org

Outstanding Contribution to LSE

Chris Fairley won the Outstanding Contribution to the LSE Community Award for his work as an LSE Governor, Student Volunteering Ambassador and campaigning for the introduction of the LSE Social Mobility Officer for the LSESU. He said: ‘I totally didn’t expect to win this award and I’m so grateful. Volunteering has been a transformational experience for me during my time at LSE and I’ve enjoyed it so much.”

Chris Fairley, winner of the Outstanding Contribution to the LSE Community Award

LSE Volunteer of the Year Award

Tazeen Dhanani was presented with the LSE Volunteer of the Year Award for her work with The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN), LSESU United Nations Society and Human Rights Society, Swadhinata TrustAmnesty International UKUN Women’s Empower Women and being a Student Volunteering Ambassador. Tazeen said: ‘I feel very honoured and humbled to have been awarded LSE’s Volunteer of the Year for 2017. The calibre of achievements of all nominees is beyond excellent, and I’m proud and lucky to be included in this elite group. Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life, and knowing that I have been able to make an impact or provide value to others is so important to me. I have been privileged to not only serve as a Volunteering Ambassador to promote service and volunteerism in the LSE community, but to also get involved in various opportunities locally, nationally, and globally. I can’t thank the LSE Volunteer Centre enough for the work they do and the support they provide for students throughout the year.’

Tazeen Dhanani, winner of the LSE Volunteer of the Year Award

LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year

Future Frontiers won the LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year Award. Alina Monaghan, Recruitment & Programme Coordinator said: ‘We’re so proud to win this award and thank you so much to all the LSE volunteers that help us.’

Dominic Baker, CEO said: ‘We are immensely grateful to our volunteers and to the LSE Volunteer Centre for this award. This year has been a big year for Future Frontiers – we have doubled the number of disadvantage young people that we support through our career coaching programme and we have extended the support that we provide to each pupil.

As a result we have asked more from our volunteers. It has been incredible to see the response from students at LSE and across London. So a big thank you to all of the volunteers who have provided their time, their energy and the full commitment in helping disadvantaged young people to achieve their full potential.’

Alina Monaghan, Recruitment & Programme Coordinator at Future Frontiers

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