Future Frontiers has done brilliant work over the past year and many LSE students got involved. We were therefore delighted to award the LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year award to them the LSE Volunteers event on 27 April based on their involvement of activities on campus, quality of the opportunities open to LSE students, number of recruits and feedback from students who have volunteered with them. We caught up with them to see how they felt about the award.

Transform lives

At Future Frontiers we seek to transform the life chances of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds by giving them the information and mindset required to realise their full potential. Our pupils are given the opportunity to develop their long term aspirations by making practical connections to their educational success. Our ability to have an impact is completely dependent on our team of volunteers who deliver our programme in schools around London.

LSE students to the rescue

This has never been more true than this past year. We have doubled the amount of pupils that we work with and have increased the amount of support each pupil receives and as such we have asked more from our volunteers. Despite leading busy social and academic lives, LSE volunteers have risen to the challenge. We have been so impressed by the level of passion, motivation, and commitment the volunteers from LSE have demonstrated throughout the year. We rely heavily upon their support as we continually seek to increase our impact. These coaches build rapport with their pupils, help them research unique careers, and connect them with advisers and professional experts from relevant industries. In doing so, they serve to ignite pupils’ motivational force and increase their engagement at school. Additionally, our volunteers give pupils invaluable access to their own life experiences and perspectives as representatives of an internationally renowned institution.

Skill building

In recognition of their generosity of time and energy, we seek to offer opportunities for our coaches to build skills and experiences they can transfer to different academic and professional environments. We provide ongoing support to our coaches, helping them to increase their communication and leadership skills. Largely thanks to support from the LSE Volunteer Centre, we have had a great group of coaches who have brought our programme and our aims to life and will hopefully carry on what they have learned through their participation with Future Frontiers.

We are incredibly grateful to win the Voluntary Organisation of the Year award and to our volunteers and the Volunteer Centre who help to make our goals a reality.

David Coles, LSE Volunteer Centre Manager said: “Future Frontiers have done a fantastic job offering our students the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of the young people they work with. Their volunteer recruitment and management methods are superb and we always get excellent feedback from students. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Want to volunteer?

Would you also like to volunteer with Future Frontiers or another organisation? You can search LSE CareerHub for volunteering opportunities, book an appointment with us, or send an email to volunteer@lse.ac.uk with any questions.