Guest blog by WeWork:

WeWork are a platform for creators of all stripes and this September, they’re bringing their global grants program, the Creator Awards, to the UK. This amazing awards programme allows entrepreneurs or artists, startup or non-profit, to let their voices be heard and their ideas be supported. It doesn’t matter which organisation or creative field you are working in, the Creator Awards are open to anyone and anything!

Have you heard of The Creator Awards from WeWork?

They’re giving away $20 million to help people around the world develop their business ideas or scale their companies – and the awards are grants. WeWork is not taking equity in the companies or ideas.

This September, WeWork is bringing this program to the UK. The applications are open to anyone in the UK and Ireland with a business, an idea or even the first kernel of something creative! Apply on our website.

This amazing awards program allows entrepreneurs or artists, startup or nonprofit, to let their voices be heard and their ideas be supported.

There are three levels in which to apply:

  • incubate (you have an idea only)
  • launch (you have a business plan, but need funding)
  • scale (you are already a business and want to scale) – so many levels for people at different stages

Even if you just have an idea, you should apply! Or if you know someone who would be perfect and is ready to take their big idea to the next level, you can nominate them. The Creator Awards are not just for tech; they’re open to any type of business. At the Awards in Washington D.C in March, for example, WeWork recognised non-profits, food & beverage, designers, etc. Want to get involved? Or do you know someone who may be interested? Spread the word! Talk, text or tweet about the Creator Awards, and of course, use #CREATORAWARDS to help raise awareness.