Research completed by the LSE Volunteer Centre shows that 69.6% of students who volunteer feel this has improved their university experience.

Key findings

  • The biggest motivator for LSE students to volunteer is because they want to ‘improve things’, with 87.7% of respondents agreeing with this statement.
  • 94% of those that do volunteer would recommend it to a friend.
  • 76.7% think that their communication skills have increased due to their volunteering.
  • 49.7% of undergraduates volunteer during their time at LSE.
  • 74.5% think that their understanding of other people has increased through their volunteering.
  • 59.1% think that because of volunteering their range of friendships have increased.

Students who volunteer say they’ve noticed increased confidence in their abilities, their willingness to try new things has improved, and they thought employers would value the skills they had learned from volunteering. They also said that they feel more part of LSE and their general wellbeing has improved as a result of volunteering.

20140929_171240300_iOSThe main reason that students were put off volunteering was because of time pressure due to studies. This is similar to the 2016 research and the Volunteer Centre has introduced a new campaign and set of opportunities where students can volunteer for just one hour. We want to make it as easy as possible for students to donate their time.

David Coles, LSE Volunteer Centre Manager says:

We’re not surprised to find that those that volunteer are more likely to feel that they have had an improved university experience and more confidence in their abilities. Those that volunteer consistently say that they would recommend it to a friend, which also shows the quality of the opportunities our charity partners provide.

The LSE Volunteer Centre helps facilitate a treble win. A win for charities and NGOs that receive some of the brightest young people in the country volunteering with them. A win for the students who get to make an impact along with all the other positives volunteering brings. And a win for LSE because of the happier students and the improved university experience our students have.

Volunteering is a brilliant way of helping others whilst developing yourself at the same time and I encourage all students to consider it, whether you have one hour spare or several days a week. The School should be very proud of the incredible work that LSE students are carrying out every single day.

Get involved

To get an idea of volunteering activities that LSE students have taken part in, take a look at our blogs and our overview of volunteering at LSE 2016-17. If you’d like to volunteer, check out opportunities here and overseas on CareerHub and if you want help choosing the right role for you we can help – book a one-to-one appointment with us!