Guest blog by UBS:

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017 is open to startups and established, growing companies that think they can change the way finance works and how banks meet their client’s needs.

The challenges

We have identified four focused challenges where technology can transform how banks work and what we deliver for our clients:

  • Digital Ecosystem
  • RegTech and LegalTech
  • Investment Banking 4.0
  • Wealth in the Digital Age

What’s in it for the participants?

The competition offers each regional winner a cash prize of US$20,000. In addition, finalists could benefit from over 250 hours of dedicated coaching and mentoring from experienced technology and business leaders. Some finalists may also be selected to participate in a ‘proof-of-concept’ or pilot programme with UBS after the competition to further scale and/or commercialise their ideas and technologies.

Who’s eligible to enter?

Startups and small-to-medium sized companies, with an annual turnover lower than USD 20m. You should have received less than $20m in total investment.

Participants should have developed:

A functional prototype or a product, service or application grounded on innovative/disruptive technology capabilities applied to banking/finance.

The technology solutions proposed should:

  • be focused directly on banking and financial services, or
  • have a demonstrable impact in another sector but with a potential connection or application within the banking and financial industry

Enter via the UBS website.