Promote volunteering on LSE campus!

Each year the LSE Volunteer Centre recruits a number of students to act as ambassadors for volunteering on campus. This normally involves being on stalls around campus, coming up with campaigns and ideas to promote volunteering at LSE, writing blogs, and telling other LSE students how fantastic volunteering is.

The programme

The Student Volunteering Ambassador programme aims to inspire LSE students to volunteer. As a student ambassador you’ll share your stories with your fellow students as well working together with a group of like-minded students on ways to promote the benefits of volunteering on campus. The programme also gives you an opportunity to develop your skills whilst having fun. Previous ambassadors say they, among others, improved their interpersonal, public speaking and leadership skills. They also say the programme enhanced their ability to think creatively and they made new friends from different departments and years of studies.

‘I learned to think more creatively out of the box. For example for Student Volunteering Week where we had to come up with something which would be fun for the students. Usually my work is so structured – like writing a newsletter – and thinking more creatively like this was a skill I developed.’ (Student Volunteering Ambassador 2016/17)

We’ll have five meetings over the year where we’ll work on different ideas and events to promote volunteering on campus. Two highlights of the academic year will be planning and executing Giving Tuesday on 28 November and Student Volunteering Week from 19-25 February 2018. Last year, one of our ambassadors came up with the great idea of a #JustOneHour campaign to help students fit volunteering around their busy schedules. We launched the campaign during Student Volunteering Week and managed to reach and inspire many students, some of whom hadn’t previously volunteered at LSE. Ambassadors also connected us with charities that they volunteered with, came along to our Charity Tuesday stalls, one-off opportunities and events, and wrote blog posts on their volunteering experiences. Everyone thus takes part in the meetings during the year but you’ll be supported to decide how you want to fill in your role to promote volunteering on campus.

What you can expect from us

We understand you’re busy therefore we’ve made the scheme very flexible so you can fit it around your schedule and regular volunteering. Another motivation for this format is that it allows you to fit in what you enjoy doing and what you want to learn or improve. We’ll provide you with lots of opportunities to get involved and provide you with support to do your role well.

‘I enjoyed being a Student Volunteering Ambassador as being a PhD student you are disconnected from the student body. I got to meet people at the one-offs [one-off volunteering opportunities] from across the student body (disciplines and year group). It was a good way to feel part of LSE. The programme was also really flexible which was a big benefit. I felt like I was a part of the role but I never thought, ‘I have 10 essays and I have to do this as well’.’ (Student Volunteering Ambassador 2016/17)

To foster your personal development we’ll be setting a personal goal (or goals) at the beginning of the scheme and we will support you to achieve these. Previous ambassadors wanted to work on their leadership or public speaking skills for example. Plus, did we mention we’ll organise an (optional) pitching training and social for you as an added bonus?

Apply now

If you would like to become an ambassador you can fill in our short application form (by 8 October latest). As part of the application process we will invite you for a short informal chat so we can get to know you better. This also gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have about the programme.

Please make sure you’re available for our mandatory induction training on Tuesday 17 October from 6-8pm before you apply. You can find more information on the programme and the key dates in the job description and on LSE CareerHub.

We welcome applications from disabled students. If you need any adjustments in either applying or taking part please do let us know by emailing or giving Gabriella, the Volunteer Centre Coordinator, a call on +44(0)20 3486 2952.

Need extra support? Got questions?

We’d like our ambassadors to be reflection of the student body so no matter what section of the student body you’re from please do apply. We believe a diverse group of ambassadors is better able to represent the wants and needs of the student body and will help provide inspiring role models for all.

If you have any questions about the role or application process or if you need more support please don’t hesitate to send an email to or give Gabriella, the Volunteer Centre Coordinator, a call on +44(0)20 3486 2952. We’d love to further discuss how we can best assist you.