LSE Careers and LSE LIFE are excited to launch their new series ‘Work it Out: creating meaning in your career’. We’ve brought together a series of different events and speakers to help you think about what ‘meaningful work’ means to you. We hope that through these events you will emerge inspired, informed and interested in moving forward to become more aware of what constitutes meaningful work for you and what steps you need to take to experience it in full.

So what is meaningful work?

A quick Google search on “what constitutes meaningful work?” brings up a plethora of different options; From earning a high income to support a family, to instilling an altruistic angle at the core of one’s work, to maintaining a strong work-lifestyle balance that allows for adventures and downtime, to creating an entrepreneurial edge that makes for an autonomous career, the list is pretty impressive.

Everyone seems to offer advice on the problem yet each nugget of wisdom is so very different from the next. Philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and religious leaders all take a seemingly different angle on the big question of what exactly is “meaningful work” and more importantly, how you can find it! With so many suggestions on and off-line, tackling such a complex topic can appear a little overwhelming and the idea of even starting out on this exploratory journey seems a little daunting at times. It can all result in “analysis-paralysis” with few constructive outputs and a ton of unanswered questions.

The fact of the matter is that we are all unique individuals so it should really come as no surprise that there are so many different options available to us, especially when we possess such a variety of skills. What one person might find satisfying might be someone else’s total nightmare! And the point is; that’s fine.

What’s coming up on the ‘Work it Out’ series?

Work it Out: How to find fulfilling work? Launch event with Roman Krznaric

To kick us off, we have invited Roman Krznaric to launch the programme. Roman has spent quite a bit of time thinking about t how we can take our working life in new and exciting directions. He is going to spend some time with us looking at how to negotiate the labyrinth of choices, how to think about personal goals and motivations, and ultimately how to take some concrete steps to finding a fulfilling career.

He’s even written a book about this whole topic and every attendee will be presented with a copy. There will also be an opportunity to talk to Roman afterwards and spend some time thinking about the subject with other students over drinks and nibbles. Further details and booking via CareerHub. Places allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Work it Out: What will work of the future look like? The Art of Work

Our work environment is transforming in exciting yet challenging ways. With the future being shaped by technological innovations and new job roles being created every day, it’s uncertain as to what the future workforce might look like. One thing, however, will remain the same: finding your purpose and fit.

Near Futurologists, Sandra Evans and Julie Blunt from The Art of Work, will share what they think the workplace of the future will look like, and importantly, what attributes you will need to succeed. There will opportunities for you to use prediction cards and other tools to identify what transformations might occur and think about where you will fit.  Further details and booking via CareerHub. Places allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Hopefully see you there!