Student Volunteering Ambassadors

Student Volunteering Ambassadors photo collageEach year the LSE Volunteer Centre recruits a number of  students to act as ambassadors for volunteering on campus. This normally involves being on stalls around campus, posting on Instagram and our blog and generally telling other LSE students how fantastic volunteering is!

All ambassadors have lots of great volunteering experience so we’re really excited to introduce you to this year’s ambassadors and let them tell you why they signed up. So read on to find out who you can ask more about volunteering this year!

The ambassadors

Bethan Munt

Hi!! My name is Bethan Munt and I’m a third year Government and Economics student at the LSE, and I am thrilled to be your Student Volunteering Ambassador this year!

I chose to apply for this role because I am extremely passionate about volunteering. I have volunteered in organisations from Leonard Cheshire homes, Whizz Kids, Bullies Out and now as a rugby coach. I currently volunteer with Breast Cancer Now and I am one of their campus ambassadors in charge of their London to Paris charity cycle.

I have been so inspired by the courage and drive of the people I have met during my time as a volunteer. Volunteering enables you to surround yourself with passionate people who are willing to sacrifice their time for a good cause.

Through my role I would like to share my enthusiasm for volunteering. As one of my favourite sayings goes; ‘No act of kindness, matter how small is ever wasted.’ I really do believe that actions speak louder than words and giving your time to help others is invaluable.

I hope along with the other Student Ambassadors I can encourage you to join the growing numbers of LSE student volunteers and together we as a community will make a difference.

Chloe Russell

Hi! I’m Chloe, a third year BSc Government student, voluntary LSE Peer Supporter. Over Summer, my volunteering involved political activism as well as various roles at a local homeless charity and children’s hospital in Liverpool. Volunteering has helped me to become a more confident, empathetic and understanding person. My favourite thing about volunteering is meeting new, interesting people from different backgrounds (especially within the LSE student body). Watch this space – I’m looking forward to sharing more about my experiences as
well as trying something new with the Volunteer Centre
this year as a Student Volunteering Ambassador!

Harry Draper

Hello everyone! My name’s Harry. I’m a second year MSc student of Social Anthropology. Outside of university, I’m currently working with Medical Aid Films and Community Links as a research assistant and trainee advocate respectively. There are often a lot of good reasons for volunteering, depending on your personal circumstances, but I would like to highlight a couple. The first is that you’re given the chance to work as part of a team on really useful and interesting projects. University can be quite isolating, and it’s nice to be working collectively towards a shared aim. Secondly, through volunteering, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really inspiring people who’ve taught me so much. If you think carefully about the sort of experience you’d like, for whatever reason, volunteering is often a great way of gaining that, and you know you’re often doing a bit of good along the way. Hopefully meet lots of you soon, especially those who might be able to give me some hairstyle tips!

Jennifer Fernandez-Owsianka

I’m Jennifer (a slightly anxious first year law student) who is incredibly proud to be representing the Volunteer Centre as one of the Student Volunteering Ambassadors. I was born in Argentina and having lived in France and Switzerland and speaking English and Spanish at home this really widened my perspective on cultural identity – or so I thought, until I arrived at LSE. The diversity of cultures and nationalities here is fascinating!

Volunteering for me is an activity you do for others but also for yourself. I’ve been lucky to have hard-working parents that respect my autonomy and have always enabled me to take my education seriously. I am privileged in that way but I know that worldwide this is not the case for many, and especially not young women. I am incredibly grateful for this and I want to give something back in exchange.

When I volunteered at a government refugee centre, I struggled to communicate with the refugees there, yet I made a difference. I brought something new in their day, a distraction, to help them stay present, instead of thinking about their war-torn families. In return, I also felt I was learning to stay grounded and see my life in a different perspective.

Volunteering is a way to reach others and to ‘reach yourself’ in the process. You don’t need a great cause or an extensive overseas trip to be a volunteer. The LSE Volunteer centre provides you with volunteering opportunities that last a few hours or just one hour, in which you can escape the world of academia and engage back with the real world. The support is available to you here at LSE. All you need is a smile and a willing attitude, and you’ll make a difference to the people around you.

Yuanpeng Liang

Hi all, my name is Yuanpeng Liang and I’m currently in my third year reading BSc Economics at LSE. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to get involved in the works here at the LSE Volunteer Centre and become one of the LSE Student Volunteering Ambassadors, which gives me the chance to inspire more fellow LSE students to join this great cause. Volunteering has always been an indispensable part of my journey as a student. I volunteered on a weekly basis at Tan Tock Seng Hospital as a patient befriender and night carer when I was attending high school in Singapore. I also embarked on a volunteering trip to Nepal as a volunteer teacher in English and Math. Personally I’ve grown and developed significantly from all these exciting volunteering activities and got to know a great deal of inspiring and interesting individuals. I hope you can have the opportunity too! It’s always said that volunteering is not only about changing your surrounding, but also about changing yourself and developing as a person!

Anne Siebenaler

Hey! I’m Anne and I am currently studying for an MSc in Development Studies. I’m looking forward to being a student volunteering ambassador this year and hope to encourage more people to get involved. Having done quite a lot of volunteering before I got to LSE, I firmly believe that giving your time to others can have a real and valuable positive affect on people, communities and society in general. Not only does volunteering enable us to show solidarity while engaging in a good cause, it also comes with significant benefits for our personnel development such as the fact of meeting lots of new people. Even more importantly, I think volunteering reminds us that together we can all be a part of something bigger than ourselves! Thanks to the LSE Volunteer Centre, it is very easy to start volunteering. No matter how much time you can give, there will always be a volunteering opportunity available for LSE students to choose!

Millie Dessent

I’m excited to be a Volunteer Ambassador this year as volunteering has been a big part of my uni experience. Before coming to London I hadn’t really done any significant volunteering before so I didn’t know what to expect. Finding a sense of community in the big city can be hard, especially as a Fresher, so connecting with people through giving some of your hours to help a cause you believe in is a great start. To be honest, the only way I now know my Crystal Palace from my Chelsea is through fostering meaningful relationships with the pupils I work with through Future Frontiers. For this reason I’d encourage any one with any passion to get involved with volunteering, the process is a lot easier than you’d have thought!

Aishwarya Chaturvedi

Hello! I am Aishwarya! I am pursuing an MSc in Human Resources and Organisations. Volunteering has always been a part of my life throughout school and undergraduate studies, and I wanted to make sure I continue doing what I love, here, at the LSE!

Giving, without expecting anything in return, leaves one with a feeling that cannot be explained in mere words. I urge you to join me, to spread joy while also experiencing some, in the process. A few hours in a day, a few days in a week, rendered in service of those in need, is a step taken towards making a difference in society. I firmly believe in staying connected with the society, by doing our bit.
At the end of the day, what is it that we live for, if not for the sake of humanity?

Saskia Roberts

Hi I’m Saskia and I’m a third year history student. The main reason I wanted to become a Student Volunteering Ambassador this year was to be able to show how amazing volunteering can be! I have volunteered in many roles whilst being at LSE ranging from tutoring to peer support and it has really enriched my student experience. Not only can volunteering really help people and make a difference, it can also help you gain new skills and friends! There are so many volunteering opportunities to get involved in at LSE, whether it be one off volunteering programmes or long-term projects, and I’m really looking forward to being part of the volunteering team this year trying to inspire people to get involved!

Seung Deok

Hey! I’m Seung Deok, and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Development Studies. I am passionate about volunteering. I have taken part in in a variety of volunteering activities all around the world. Firstly, I worked as a volunteer for “the Korean Islamic Students’ Association” for 2 years. As the vice president, I helped Muslim friends settle in South Korea and also organise Islamic Camp (WAMY camp) for Non-Muslim Koreans. Secondly, I served as a supporter for the ‘World Federation of United Nations Association’. I assisted WFUNA’s work in the region by providing programme advice and assistance to WFUNA’s International Secretariat. I also volunteered for the position of ‘Armenia Outreach Project Assistant’. During the volunteer program in Armenia, I conducted seminars for secondary school students about establishing sustainable development goals for their society. The more I volunteer, the more I enjoy it.

Also, I have always enjoyed learning in a new environment – I have visited around 30 countries, including one year of experience in the Middle East. By building relationships with people from different cultures, I have learned how to connect and be more personable with others. I believe that the LSE ambassador program gives me an opportunity to socialize with new ‘talented’ people.

Now that I am a part of the LSE Volunteering Ambassadors, I help promote its values and its global mission to the wider community both in the UK and abroad. Besides, I want to share my LSE journey with students and encourage my peers to take part in volunteering at LSE.

Carole Reniero

Hello everyone! My name is Carole and I am currently in my third year studying social anthropology. In my first year, I focused a lot on my studies but I did not really do anything outside of that. I realized when I started my second year that I did not know what I was going to do after graduation, so I decided to give volunteering a go in order to develop new skills and see where my passion truly lies.
Thanks to CareerHub, which I would strongly recommend to every LSE student in search for new opportunities, I found two wonderful charities for which I worked throughout the year: ReachOut and CoachBright. Coaching and mentoring young pupils in disadvantaged schools turned out to be rewarding, challenging, and 100% worth it.

I feel honored to be one of LSE’s Volunteering Ambassadors for this year because I truly believe that every LSE student should give volunteering a go! It only takes an hour a week to make a difference in someone’s life. I am looking forward to working with the other ambassadors to promote volunteering on campus and beyond.

Phoebe Hagon

Hello everyone, my name is Phoebe and I am an MSc Management student. I am really excited to be a Volunteering Ambassador this year as I am passionate about inspiring others to make a difference in our community. Volunteering experiences have been a major part of my time at university and have encouraged me to do things that I never thought I could; from volunteering abroad to leading an endurance challenge. I am eager to show students how volunteering can not only benefit the lives of others, but can also benefit your own. A lot of charity work I have done so far has been for organisations that operate around the world, so I am keen this year to focus on charities which are closer to home. I particularly want to look at improving the lives of the many homeless people on the streets of London and I hope to be able to encourage you all to help me 🙂

Clare Yip

Hi! I’ m Clare, a student of MSc Management Information Systems and Digital Innovation. I enjoy volunteering because helping those who are in need makes the world a warmer and therefore a better place to live. I have had a variety of volunteering experience, including fundraising for charities, helping poor elderly people fix their home, giving classes to kids in rural areas in China, etc. There are many interesting volunteering opportunities at the LSE Volunteer Centre that I would like to participate in and share with you all. I am sure volunteering will my life at LSE even more meaningful and not just about study and looking for a job. I hope I can inspire more LSE students to get involved in the volunteering community!

Bella Wilkinson

Hi all! My name is Bella, and I’m a second year undergraduate doing History & IR. When I’m not buried under history course readings, I love to spend my time volunteering in London and abroad. I can truly say that my volunteer experiences have fundamentally shaped who I am and what I hope to achieve in my life, and I am so passionate about getting other LSE students involved in awareness campaigns, fundraising and opportunities to effect a real positive change on a local and global level.


Want to get involved in volunteering?

Did the Student Volunteering Ambassadors inspire you to get involved in volunteering? We can imagine so! So why not have a look at the resources on our website? Or browse CareerHub for different ongoing opportunities or the event page for one-offs.  You can also book a one-to-one if you need more support to get started.