Afraid you don’t have time to volunteer?

We know the number one barrier to volunteering for LSE students is a lack of time due to studies. We’ve therefore created a one-off volunteering programme so you can do something good for the community whilst meeting other LSE students. No previous volunteering experience or long term commitment is needed so everyone can come along. A member of the Volunteer Centre will meet the student volunteers on campus and travel with you so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Looking for a reason to join a one-off? There are plenty…

We’ve selected a range of different opportunities to ensure there’s something for everyone. Are you ready for a physical task? Or would you prefer to learn more about World War I while volunteering? We’ve got it all! So come along to make new friends, gain new skills, explore London and have fun. The one-offs also offer a chance to learn more about the work and volunteering opportunities of different charities and it’s a good way to find out what it’s like to volunteer in the UK. Hopefully you’ll get inspired to volunteer more!

Plus, by signing up for a one-off volunteering opportunity you’ll score points for the LSE Halls Cup.

The one-off volunteering opportunities

You can book your place for the one-offs on LSE CareerHub using the links below.

Operation War Diary – Thursday 11 January, 4-6pm (drop-in) 

Transcribe WWI diaries to make sure history doesn’t get lost.

Young at Heart – Friday 19 January, 5-8pm

Help Coin Street make their annual seniors party a success

GoodGym group run – Tuesday 23 January, 5.30 pm

Join for a run and do a volunteering task at a local community project on the way

Post Pals – Monday 29 January, 3-5pm (drop-in)

Post a Smile on a Child’s Face by sending a card or letter to seriously ill children and their siblings

SVW: Choppers and Stirrers – Monday 19 February, 10.45am-3.30pm

Plan and cook a three course meal made from surplus food for the local community

SVW: Speed volunteering circuit with your Volunteering Ambassadors – Monday 19 February, 1-2pm

Participate in up to four different fun speed volunteering opportunities and chat to your ambassadors

SVW: GoodGym group run – Tuesday 20 February, 5.30-7 pm

Join for a run and do a volunteering task at a local community project on the way

SVW: Operation War Diary – Friday 23 February, 2-4pm (drop-in)

Transcribe WWI diaries to make sure history doesn’t get lost.

Post Pals – Tuesday 13 March, 2.30-4pm

Post a Smile on a Child’s Face by sending a card or letter to seriously ill children and their siblings

Knitting for charity – Tuesday 20 March, 1-3pm

​Whether you’ve never knit a stitch or you’re an accomplished knitter, come along to a sociable knitting event and make something for those in need

Still not convinced?

One of your Student Volunteering Ambassadors gives you 5 reasons why you should start volunteering. And did you know volunteering can help you settle in to London? You can also read about the experiences of other one-off volunteers at the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology ParkOperation War DiaryFareShare or Ham House to get inspired.

Looking for an ongoing opportunity?

If you’re interested in ongoing volunteering then browse opportunities on CareerHub. We’ve got more than 250 different opportunities online at a time so there’s something for everyone. You can also make an appointment with Gabriella Monasso, the Volunteer Centre Manager, if you need more help finding an opportunity. Or come along to on of our other volunteering events.