At the LSE Volunteers awards ceremony in April, Coin Street Community Centre won the award for LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year. Coin Street is a social enterprise and their aim is to make their neighbourhood a great place to live, work in, and visit. They were nominated by one of their volunteers and LSE student, Rinako Uenishi, who had this to say about the organisation:

Coin Street has made a huge impact on my life here in London. LSE is known and praised for its diversity. However, that also means that it is very hard to meet the local people. Because the participants at Coin Street programmes are mainly locals, through interacting with them, I was able to learn not just their accents, but also their culture, the history of London, and also different aspects of life. I admire Coin Street because the staff there always surprise me with their enthusiasm for making the community better. Watching them strive to make things improved, it made me want to be involved in it as well, which led me to countless wonderful interactions.

You can have a read of what Coin Street had to say about the awards ceremony and their win. The post below can be found in it’s original format on their website.

On 26 April, the London School of Economics (LSE) Volunteer Centre and LSESU RAG Society hosted their annual awards ceremony to celebrate volunteering and fundraising at LSE.

We were nominated by one of our student volunteers Rinako for LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year and were up against amazing organisations including Reach Out and Wonder Foundation.

The criteria for the award took into account how the organisation engaged with the LSE Volunteer Centre, feedback from student volunteers, management of volunteers and participation with the LSE Volunteer Centre’s events.

Rinako, who has been volunteering with us since October, is ecstatic with the result, telling us:

“I nominated Coin Street because it has made a big impact in my life. It enabled me to meet the wonderful local people here and learn about their culture. It has also given me many opportunities to enhance my skills and learn about community building. Most of all, Coin Street has become a family to me, both the staff and participants.”

We are delighted to have been given the LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year award. We believe it’s not only our staff but our volunteers who deserve the recognition.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with 7 student volunteers from LSE who have helped make our dreams a reality. Without their hard work and positive personalities, we wouldn’t be able to deliver such high-quality community programmes and events.

As well as our ongoing community activities including gentle gardening and family fitness and fun sessions, our volunteers provide much needed support at our community events including our Young at Heart seniors party and Community Days.

Our Head of Youth and Community Programmes, Natalie Bell, is extremely pleased with this award stating, “I started at Coin Street as a volunteer myself so I’m really happy with what the organisation does and all the work our LSE Volunteers do with us.”

“A special thanks must be mentioned to Laura Reynolds – an alumni from LSE and our Community Programmes Manager – who goes above and beyond to look after the volunteers and organise their sessions.”

On Monday 7 May 2018, we are hosting our own volunteer celebration evening to celebrate the commitment and effort of all our volunteers across our community programmes.

If you would like to volunteer to help with our community activities or events, simply contact Laura on

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