Volunteer’s Week is a national campaign, which takes place 1-7 June every year, established to celebrate volunteers and volunteering all around the UK. It’s the chance to say thank you to all the volunteers across the UK who have made amazing contributions to the society.

We have compiled a list of Volunteer Centre blog posts that will inspire you to get volunteering if you’re not already doing so, and allow you to find out all about the benefits and other insider tips from LSE volunteers.

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  1. 5 barriers to volunteering and how to overcome them
  2. Being a Peer Support Volunteer at LSE
  3. Top tips for overseas volunteering
  4. Students say volunteering improves their LSE experience
  5. 5 ways volunteering improves your chances of getting a job
  6. Carole’s top tip for students: volunteer!
  7. 5 reasons why you should start volunteering
  8. The lessons I’ve learnt from volunteering
  9. Volunteering and its surprising benefits
  10. Juggling, studying, work and volunteering – is it possible?