An important event is coming up for anyone thinking of working in schools as a teacher:
Get into teaching event in London (which gives a much broader perspective than Teach First)
Train to Teach London, 13 October 2018 from 10:00am to 4:00pm in London at the Congress Centre.

Anyone interested in teaching as a career is encouraged to register on the Get into Teaching website.

Teach First will be at LSE several times this term. Details on Career Hub.

There’s a new video to encourage interest in the teaching profession. Priority subjects this year are: Maths; Computing; Languages; Biology and Geography. These attract additional funding for training.

A reminder about social science students/ grads who may be able to apply to teach national curriculum subjects (including priority subjects) depending on the content of their degree and/or their A-levels. You can apply for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in a related subject, or a subject studied to A-level, then complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course to ensure you have the required knowledge teach that subject to A-level. SKE courses are free and as a UK student you are paid £200 a week tax free to do them. You do have to have an offer of a teacher training place before you can start such a course and final year students probably can’t do more than a 2 month SKE after their degree courses end and before starting ITT. SKE is geared at secondary priority subjects.

We can help you consider or prepare for a career in teaching. Use LSE Careers events and one-to-one appointments to learn more about your possible future.