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How to improve your networking skills

It’s funny – the very word ‘networking’ has the power to strike fear into even the boldest people. Visions of making small talk with strangers over warm white wine are what people conjure up. In reality, networking – or building relationships – is something that we do all the time and often without conscious effort.
Example of successful networking
Julia Mills, […]

What to do if you don’t know what to do

As an LSE student you might be familiar with hearing about the career plans of your friends and course-mates, who seem to know what they want to do following their degree. They might even have a job lined up for after graduation and their next three years planned out. So if you don’t you might be thinking: How will […]

The benefits of work shadowing

As the name suggests, work, or job shadowing, is where you observe someone in their role to understand how they do their job. It can be a great way to gain (literally) on-the-ground insights, deepen your knowledge and expand your network. Here are some of the main benefits:
The chance to assess your ‘fit’
Often, a work shadow opportunity will […]

Five ways to get work experience this summer

It’s not too late to get some valuable work experience this summer and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be in the form of an internship. Here are five options to think about:
1. Find a holiday job
There are plenty of organisations that require staff for the summer period – positions range from teaching English overseas, working as […]

How to make a great first impression

We all know that creating a good first impression is important. Even more so when you’re meeting with a potential future employer or wanting to build a relationship with an influential contact. Did you know that most people make up their minds about someone in less than a minute, and that it takes around 20 subsequent meetings to correct an […]

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    Want to change careers? Here’s some advice from our recent course!

Want to change careers? Here’s some advice from our recent course!

As a career changer, you might meet challenges along your journey, at times feel like giving up and returning to your ‘comfort zone’. To reassure you, and from our experience, students do succeed and overcome these hurdles. Perseverance pays off – it might not happen overnight so keep yourself motivated. Recognise and celebrate small achievements, take a gradual approach, […]

How to reflect and learn from not getting the job offer

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t land the job offer straight away. Treat every job application and interview experience as preparation and learning. Always ask yourself, how can I improve my performance for next time? Waiting to hear about a job offer can cause anxiety but keep moving forward and prepare for other opportunities. You will […]

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