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    Insider tips – how to get a job in International Development

Insider tips – how to get a job in International Development

International Development is a popular career area amongst LSE graduates. Here LSE alumnus Lee Bailey (MSc Development Studies 2013), who is Director of Communications at the Natural Resource Governance Institute, gives his tips on how to get started based on his experience in the sector:

1. Establish a Twitter footprint
Use this to reflect your international development interests and growing expertise. […]


How to prepare if you’re starting a master’s soon

If you’ve got as far as choosing to study a master’s programme it’s fairly safe to assume that you have strong interest in the subject you’re studying.
If you’re keen to prepare in advance for the course, you could contact the department administrator and ask if they can recommend any pre reading/work. Also, keep an eye out for news stories […]


Taught master’s vs research master’s

If you’ve decided that postgraduate study is right for you, your research has probably already shown you there are a wide range of courses available!

One of the decisions you might be making is whether to do a taught or a research master’s. If you are looking at both then there are a few points to consider.
Taught master’s
A taught postgraduate […]


Finding an alternative internship

When you hear the word ‘internship’ what goes through your mind? A summer stint you should do if you want to join a bank or a professional services firm? A position in the City that involves finance or corporate know-how? It won’t come as a surprise to many of you that numerous students at LSE do select more formal, structured internship […]


Tips to master presentations

1. Preparation is key

If you have a presentation to do, no matter how well you know the subject, don’t think you can just make it up as you go along. Preparation is very important, and you need to make sure that you have a structure to your presentation to ensure your audience is engaged and your content is clear.

2. […]


Careers outside the capital

Given that London is currently a global hub for numerous key industries, from finance to fashion, it’s not at all surprising that graduates wishing to stay in the UK will often consider the capital as their first option for that first job after graduation. London continues to host an array of central HQs for organisations across the world, and […]


How to get into International Development

Interested in working in international development? It’s a very broad sector encompassing a huge range of organisations and job roles and successful applicants need to be proactive, determined and flexible.

These tips and ideas will help you navigate a pathway:
1. Know what you want to do
It’s important to be as clear as you can be about the kind of […]


Still looking for a job?

A lot of the questions we get asked in Lent Term are around whether there is still time to apply for jobs and internships. In short the answer is yes!
Are there still vacancies in graduate schemes?
Some organisations still have vacancies to fill and operate rolling deadlines, so keep an eye on the websites of organisations you’re interested in […]

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Careers outside the capital

As part of our series of looking at opportunities outside of London we asked LSE alum Dan Martin to tell us about his experiences in Manchester. Dan graduated from LSE in 2014 with a BSc in Social Policy and started with Frontline in 2016.

I spent a couple of years working in London after finishing my degree, but had become […]

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Advice for current students from LSE alumni

Our Graduate destinations website has 100s of profiles of LSE alumni talking about how their careers have developed since leaving LSE and what they gained from their time here. We’ve drawn on a few of these to give you some useful words of wisdom from alumni who were once where you are now…

The first comes from Doran Bar-Gil who graduated […]

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Alternatives to international organisations

With organisations such as the World Bank, IMF, UNDP and ADB on campus this term it’s no surprise that many students are looking to embark on a career in an international organisation. The typical profile of someone starting in such an organisation is often a mid-career professional with a master’s and 4-5 years relevant professional experience. This means that […]


Alternatives to careers in consultancy – some ideas

‘Internal’ consultancy
There are a great many companies outside the consultancy sector, whether in consumer products (known as FMCG), banking, oil and gas, retail, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and so on that offer roles requiring similar skillsets which are challenging, have career progression opportunities and the chance to gain a professional qualification. Sometimes referred to as ‘internal consultancy’ roles, almost every large […]


Careers beyond finance

At this time of year at LSE it can sometimes appear as if everyone wants to work in Finance. Just take a look around campus and you’ll see most of the major finance organisations promoting their graduate schemes and advertising their jobs on Careerhub. However the reality is that most students who graduate from LSE won’t go on to […]

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Get a head start before you come back to LSE

Although term doesn’t start for a week or two, there’s plenty you can do before you head back and classes start. Depending on what stage you’re at with your career thinking, we’ve come up with a few ideas to give you a head start before term begins.
Not sure what you’re going to do when you leave LSE?
We’ve designed an interactive guide […]

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How to network if you’ve never networked before

Certain events require an ability to ‘network’. But what if you’ve never knowingly networked before? Here are some pointers to get you started:
What is networking?
Networking is simply building mutually beneficial relationships, discovering things you have in common with others and working out how you can best help them. It’s not about ‘schmoozing’ and it’s certainly not about asking someone […]


How to learn from career obstacles and failures

At some point we all have things that go wrong in our careers – projects that fail, jobs that work out badly, bosses we can’t work with, colleagues who don’t do their fair share of work, efforts which are not recognised and talents which are not utilised.

Why is this? Surely if we work hard, get on well with people […]


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