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How to make the most of your one-to-one careers appointment

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Shayna Main:

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a careers consultant is the chance to speak with students about a whole host of career-related issues in my one-to-one appointments. The students I meet with range from those who have no idea what career they want to go into to those who know exactly what they […]

What to wear for a job interview

First impressions are vital – what you wear to an interview will affect how you are perceived by the employer. Luckily, our careers consultants have some advice for how to dress well!

For a formal interview (one in which you have been invited by the employer), you should always dress smartly. As a general rule, an appropriate interview outfit for […]

CV writing for experienced hires

As someone with a few years of work experience, you’ll already have had some success with writing CVs. When rewriting your CV as an experienced hire, it’s important to take a step back and consider the parts of your CV that are still relevant to include for a new audience/level.

Rewriting your CV can be a very helpful exercise in […]

Get CV and interview essentials in just two minutes

Need to write your CV or got an interview coming up? We’ve launched two online video guides to job searching. Designed to give you short and snappy essentials at your finger tips, they focus on how to write an effective CV and how to prepare for an interview.

In less than two minutes, get the key concepts of making your […]

How employers use social media for recruitment

Many recruiters use social media for recruitment purposes and the most popular platform is LinkedIn. Some of the ways employers use social media include:
Brand management
Employers use social media to promote their brand and inform people what it is like to work for that organisation. This can be through their LinkedIn company page, YouTube or Facebook business page. Typical posts […]

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    What LSE Careers can do for students with previous job experience

What LSE Careers can do for students with previous job experience

If you have two or three years’ work experience (or even more…), your requirements are likely to be different from students with less professional experience. You may be studying to enable a career transition, or your studies may be more focused towards career progression. Either way, we offer a range of events and support that could be useful to you:
One-to-one appointments […]

Insider tips – finding a job in the voluntary sector

Bobak Saadat studied BSc Social Anthropology at LSE, graduating in 2015. After interning at LSE Careers he’s now Fundraising Product Officer at, a small charity focused on supporting children through social enterprise. One of these products he manages is Charity Apprentice – the course in charity, run by charity professionals.
I had never worked in the voluntary sector before […]

How to make the most of your MSc – from a soon-to-be LSE alum

Gaby Harris, who graduates this autumn with an MSc Inequalities and Social Sciences, shares some of her insights into how to approach your time at LSE:
What I’m going to say below might seem like common knowledge, but undertaking an MSc for many (myself included) is unknown territory, and there is little guidance for how to make the most of […]

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How to market your MSc effectively to employers

A master’s from LSE gives a powerful message to employers. It suggests you’re capable of higher level analysis and that you offer an impressive degree of specialisation. But how do you make the most of what you have to offer to prospective employers? Here are some questions to get you started:
What was my MSc about?
This may seem obvious to you […]

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    How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

Anna Vindics graduated from LSE with an MSc in Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy) in 2015. Based on her own experiences she shares some tips on getting the most from your MSc and your time at LSE.

Find ways to actively engage with what you’re learning
Forming study groups when you’re preparing for exams helps transfer passive knowledge to […]

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    How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

How to make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE

Marc R. Claude (MSc Political Science and Political Economy) shares his insights into how you can make the most of your master’s degree and time at LSE:
There you are: you’ve got into the LSE. Congratulations; that is absolutely fantastic! Now, you might be wondering how to make the most of your time here. Therefore, here are my two cents […]

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    American students – securing a job in the US after graduation

American students – securing a job in the US after graduation

Approximately 10% of LSE’s student population is from the US. Some students come with the hope of staying the UK after graduation, but for many, the intention is always to return to the US. Finding a job in the US whilst studying in the UK can present its own challenges. Below is some advice from someone who did it:

Lauren […]

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Understanding case study interviews

Interested in a career in management consulting? Case studies interviews are essential part of the recruitment process and honing your skills now will be time well spent when you get an interview.

They’re designed to assess a candidate’s ability to analyse, interpret and communicate information. The interviewer wants to understand how you would approach the task, what you’d take into […]

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