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Five biotech career options for non-scientists

Guest post by LSE MSc in International Management alumnus, Yannick Skop:
It has been a booming decade for biotech, not just in the stock market, but also in real, impactful advances in human knowledge. Just as I started writing this blog post, we learn that for the very first time, scientists have managed to edit the faulty DNA of embryos, preventing […]


Personal safety when working for an individual

Working for an individual can often be a great way to earn money on a part-time basis. Many students undertake this kind of work which can range from home tutoring or admin assistance to helping with childcare.

It’s important however that when thinking about working for an individual, you consider the potential risks to your personal safety first and foremost. Here are some […]

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Personal safety when job hunting

Although LSE Careers and many other reputable job sites have strict approval processes when deciding whether to post jobs and opportunities, it’s still important that you undertake due diligence with any of your job searches.

Whilst the following checklist won’t cover all eventualities, it will give you more information to help you make a decision if you have any concerns about your […]

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5 ways to write great speculative applications

Speculative applications can be an effective way of increasing your chances of getting a job. Essentially they involve crafting well written, tailored CVs and cover letters to an individual in an organisation who is in a position to hire you. The crucial element is that you are not replying to an advertised vacancy, but instead are writing on the […]


Succeeding at strengths based interviewing

What is it?

Employers such as EY, Barclays, Aviva, Nestle and Standard Chartered use strengths based questions, instead of competency questions, to assess their candidates at interview. A strengths based interview focuses on your strengths and what you enjoy doing, rather than what you can do as in a competency interview. Everyone has strengths whereas not everyone has the necessary […]


Why it’s ok if you don’t have a job lined up yet

At this time of year we often see students who feel like they’ve left it too late to search for a graduate job or that all the ‘best’ opportunities have been taken. This is not the case! You have lots of options available to you as an LSE student and we advertise brilliant opportunities all year round.
Graduate schemes

It can […]


What can you do on CareerHub?

LSE CareerHub is your gateway to our careers events, appointments, the organisations we work with and our vacancy board.

CareerHub can be accessed by:

current LSE students (after you’ve registered on campus)
LSE research staff
LSE alumni for up to five years after you finish your degree

See our website for full instructions for registering and accessing CareerHub.
Your career preferences
No matter where […]

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Plan your career with Career Builder

It can be difficult to find the time to think about your future job options/getting work experience when you’re concentrating on your studies. LSE Careers has created a tool that can help you do this from the comfort of your own room.

Career Builder is an interactive guide to help you navigate the career planning process and find the most appropriate information […]

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    Practise psychometric tests for free with our new subscription

Practise psychometric tests for free with our new subscription

If you are a current LSE student, you can now access a huge selection of practice psychometric tests, employer tests and assessment centre and interview advice through our new resource, Graduates First. Find out more and sign up to Graduates First on our website (LSE network account required).

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    Marie Sophie Sandberg Pettersson – Project Analyst, UN Women

Marie Sophie Sandberg Pettersson – Project Analyst, UN Women

Marie Sophie Sandberg Pettersson finished her MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation in 2011. Since then she has worked for charities, founded a business in Bangladesh and has just joined UN Women as a Project Analyst.

“The best advice I can give is to be ready to get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and grasp new opportunities as they […]


Sustainability Careers: A New “Traditional” Path? Guest post from an LSE alumna

MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation graduate, Meaghan Krohn, writes about her experience working at Syniverse as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow and about the integral role of CSR in business. One of the biggest hurdles I face in my transition from graduate school into my career is that my chosen career path – corporate sustainability – is not a traditional profession. […]


Softer skills in interviews – thoughts of an LSE alumnus

Guest blogger and former LSE student Arnab Datta explains that softer skills tell recruiters more than you think. In a world where competition for graduate jobs is fierce, you may concentrate completely on your academic qualifications and work experience to secure your ideal career. Still, the importance of soft skills has increased. Research by Ethical Skills & Training has discovered […]

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Is a master’s right for you? – some thoughts from a former LSE student

Former LSE Economics and Economic History student Arnab Datta provides his thoughts on postgraduate education.
There is no doubt that studying an undergraduate degree is hard work, so you may think twice before embarking on further study, such as a Master’s degree. Before making this decision, it is important to weigh up the advantages of another qualification with the costs, […]


Getting ready for assessment centres – advice from an LSE alumnus

Former LSE student Arnab Datta has been through the assessment centre process. In this blog post he shares his tips on how to best prepare. There is no doubt that applications for graduate jobs are challenging, especially due to the number of tests that need to be taken before even getting an interview. Still, once you get to the final […]


The importance of networking – guest post from an LSE alumnus

LSE Alumnus and Chartered Accountant at KPMG, Arnab Datta, writes about the importance of networking in the application process. There has been widespread scrutiny in the press about people who gain entrance to top universities and get access to popular graduate jobs by going through a ‘back door’ route. Still, it is worthwhile being aware of why this is happening and […]

22 October 2012|LSE Careers|2 Comments|

A career in accountancy – read the experience of an LSE alumnus

In this post, LSE alumnus Arnab Datta reveals his thoughts on the links between accountancy and business, and talks about his training contract. The classic stereotype of an accountant to many people is based around simply adding up numbers. However, in today’s modern commercial world, working as an accountant is more like being a business adviser to companies in different […]


Psychometric testing – advice and insight from an LSE alumnus

LSE alumnus and guest blogger Arnab Datta shares his insights on psychometric testing and the best way to approach these assessments. You will not be surprised to hear that tests form a major part of the application process for a lot of graduate jobs. Still, different companies and industries challenge you in particular ways, so one major skill is adapting […]


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