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How to decide on and negotiate your expected salary

Picture the scene. You’re in the middle of the interview. You’re feeling a bit nervous but the interview seems to be going well. You’re pleased with your answers so far but as yet you’ve not really connected with the employer, the role or the firm. Then it comes:

“What sort of salary are you looking for?”

You experience a sinking feeling. […]

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    How to approach CV writing at different stages of your career/studies

How to approach CV writing at different stages of your career/studies

We know that at LSE some of you once you graduate will be at the start of your career whereas others are looking to change careers and/or have previous work experience. And of course we have PhD students looking for roles in and outside academia. Whichever group you fall into (and we know there are overlaps!) it’s important to […]

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    Advice for making the move from corporate to not-for-profit work

Advice for making the move from corporate to not-for-profit work

Studying for an LSE degree, MSc or PhD can be a transformational process. This is never more true than for our postgrads who have chosen a particular master’s to either confirm or change their career direction to the not-for-profit sector. When considering such a move it can helpful to think about it as a campaign rather than a more […]

5 top tips for telephone interviews

Many employers use telephone interviews to screen applicants. Follow our five top tips to help you get through to the next stage of the recruitment process!
1. Prepare, prepare, prepare just as you would for any type of interview

Research the sector, company and role and think about your genuine reasons for wanting the role.
Review your application and think about […]

How to set short, medium and long term goals

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Danny Wilkey:

Why is it important to set goals? Let’s begin with some common interview questions:

Where do you see your career in five years’ time?
Why did you choose that course?
Tell me about yourself

These questions assume you’ve not only thought about your career goals but you are able to articulate them. So having a […]

How extra-curricular activities boost your career

In our experience, most organisations believe that extra-curricular activities help candidates stand out in the recruitment process. So what is it that attracts these employers?
For many employers there are three key questions:

Can you do the job?
Will you do the job?
Can I work with you or closely related questions; does the candidate ‘get’ us?

The great thing about extra-curricular activities is […]

Understanding case study interviews

How can we increase our market share? How do we go about launching this new product? How can we improve the company’s performance and grow?

These are just some of the problems or ‘cases’ that very senior management of global companies pose to management consultancies every day.

So any candidate looking to work in consulting needs to spend some time thinking […]

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    What to do with your summer if you don’t have an internship

What to do with your summer if you don’t have an internship

There’s no getting away from the fact that an internship can be a great opportunity to: earn money, develop skills, meet great people, find mentors, develop your professional networks, and gain market insights. For some sectors it can even fast track your application for graduate roles. But what if you don’t have an internship this summer and it’s worrying […]

Assessment Centres: are you prepared for success?

So you have been invited to an assessment centre – congratulations! The invitation is proof that the key messages in your CV, cover letter and application form have hit the mark.  Your written first impression has been a good one. Most likely you have also gone through an initial interview, whether face-to-face or on the telephone, and again you have […]

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