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    Careers in Creative Industries programme – booking now open

Careers in Creative Industries programme – booking now open

We’re excited to announce details of our first ever Careers in Creative Industries programme, which starts 5-9 February. Opportunities to network with alumni working in the sector, hear from experienced panellists, participate in masterclasses from reputation management expert Sheree Dodd and Mother’s Tom Wong and meet with employers working in the PR and communications field over croissants and coffee […]


Five biotech career options for non-scientists

Guest post by LSE MSc in International Management alumnus, Yannick Skop:
It has been a booming decade for biotech, not just in the stock market, but also in real, impactful advances in human knowledge. Just as I started writing this blog post, we learn that for the very first time, scientists have managed to edit the faulty DNA of embryos, preventing […]


Insider tips blog series from alumni and employers

Throughout the past few months, we’ve posted blogs from LSE alumni and employers about what it’s like to work in certain sectors, including their advice for current students.
In this blog you can find a recap of what they said – check out previous posts too and look out for more posts this year!

Training contracts and beyond
Guest blog by Emma […]


Creative careers with an LSE degree

Being a student at LSE, you might be slightly overwhelmed by the amount of people you meet who are planning on going onto banking or consulting after their degree, and feel that’s it’s unavoidable that you have to do the same.

However, this career path is not inevitable just because you’ve studied with us. LSE students go on to do […]


Insider tips – getting into public relations

If you’re interested in careers in public relations and communications, book to come along to our breakfast Friday 28 October 8-10am!

Guest blog by Bill Ranatunga, account director at Weber Shandwick Manchester and mentor on Media Trust’s Transforming Hidden Talent programme:

What is public relations? …good question. The truth is that today public relations, or PR, saddles a number of areas […]


Insider tips blog series from alumni and employers

Throughout Lent Term (and Michaelmas Term) we posted blogs from employers and LSE alumni about what it’s like to work in certain sectors, including their advice for current students.
In this blog you can find a recap of what they said – make sure to look out for insider tips on this blog in the summer too!

By Seonaid Macleod who […]


Insider tips – working in PR

Guest blog by Jennifer Atkinson, Senior Consultant at Babel PR:
It is a common misconception that the role of public relations (PR) is blurred with advertising and marketing. In truth, the role has more overlap with the world of journalism. We work as a voice for our clients, building relationships with the public and media in one of the most […]


Insider tips – working in publishing

Guest blog by Seonaid Macleod, Campaigns Manager at The Publishers Association:
If you’re interested in a career in publishing be prepared to be surprised. It’s an industry that’s changed enormously over the last few years, and it offers an incredibly wide range of opportunities for all sorts of people: creative, commercial, analytical, you name it. The industry is constantly evolving […]


LSE graduate profile and advice for current students

Guest blog by LSE alumna Beth Lowell:

How did choose your career?
As is the case for many people, I chose my career by following one interesting experience to the next. After university I spent two years working at the documentary news series Frontline. That experience solidified my interest in politics and communication and led me to my graduate degree at […]


Rimmel Mohydin – Associate Editor, Newsweek Pakistan

Rimmel Mohydin completed the BSc in International Relations at LSE in 2012. She is now an Associate Editor at Newsweek Pakistan.

“The Beaver helped direct my career and I was able to work in publishing for a year during my studies, work experience that gave me an edge when applying for a job as a fresh graduate. “

Find out more about Rimmel and her experiences […]


Five tips for generating an effective online platform

Online, your business is not just competing with other businesses. You’re up against everything from world news to Candy Crush and cat photos! But with an effective online platform, you can still attract your customers’ attention.

Here are some tips shared by Charles Ubaghs, Head of Social Media at Global Radio, at last week’s Generate masterclass:

1. Create great content

Great content builds up an understanding […]

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