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Daniela Gorza – Economist, World Bank Group

Daniela Gorza completed the MSc Double Degree in Public Administration and Government at LSE and Peking University in 2013. She now works as an Economist at World Bank Group.

” Knowing people and keeping in contact has been vital for me”

Find out more about Daniela Gorza and her experiences on her graduate profile page.

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    Nicolas Nossovitch – Project Consultant at his family’s business

Nicolas Nossovitch – Project Consultant at his family’s business

Nicolas Nossovitch completed the MSc Economics and Management at LSE in 2013. He now works as a Project Consultant for his own family’s business.
“LSE is a place where exceptional debates take place, and I wanted to be part of it.”
Find out more about Nicolas Nossovitch and his experiences on his graduate profile page.


Michael Martins – Economist, Institute of Directors

Michael Martins completed the MSc Economic History at LSE in 2013. He now works as an Economist for Institute of Directors.
“Best year of my life and it was crucial to helping me get to where I am and shaping who I’ve become”
Find out more about Michael Martins and his experiences on his graduate profile page.


Insider tips – working in economic consultancy

Guest blog by LSE alum Michele Granastein, now working at Oxera:
When I started my MPA in Public and Economic Policy at the LSE in 2008, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I graduated. I knew I wanted to use the economic concepts and skills I acquired during my undergraduate and master’s degrees and work in […]


Insider tips – working in economics and statistics

Guest blog by LSE alumna Tanya Flower, Assistant Economist in the Office for National Statistics (ONS):

Standing out from the crowd through experience in unusual places
I graduated in July 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Maths and Economics from LSE. During university, I did several small work experience placements and shadowing to get experience, because these days it’s quite difficult […]


An interview with Ashish Thakkar

When invited to review Ashish Thakkar’s book, The Lion Awakes, I was also asked to do a Q&A with him about some of the topics that he explores in the book. Thank you to Ashish for taking the time to answer my questions so fully!

How do you view the importance of aid versus trade (or both) in the development […]


Review: ‘The Lion Awakes’, by Ashish Thakkar

Africa is home to six of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Collective GDP has now reached $2 trillion, up from $587 billion in 2000. 400,000 new companies were registered in 2014 and by 2040 Africa will have a larger workforce than China.

These statistics, impressive as they are, only tell a small part of the The Lion Awakes. Part personal […]


Insider tips – working in economics

Guest blog by Robert Sabbarton from the National Audit Office:
Originally I hadn’t considered being an economist. I never even chose economics as one of my original three A-levels. But having chosen a subject I didn’t enjoy I switched to economics, and a rather unexpected passion was born. Far from being a dismal science, I found economics to be complex, […]


Learning about mining companies in Sierra Leone

Bella Mosselmans is a third year undergraduate studying government. Last summer, she spent three months in Sierra Leone volunteering for Restless Development. Since returning to the UK, she has started a campaign to stop British mining companies’ exploitation of Sierra Leone. Here are her thoughts on what she learnt while volunteering and what she’s campaigning for now she’s back in the UK. This blog was originally written […]


A career in accountancy – read the experience of an LSE alumnus

In this post, LSE alumnus Arnab Datta reveals his thoughts on the links between accountancy and business, and talks about his training contract. The classic stereotype of an accountant to many people is based around simply adding up numbers. However, in today’s modern commercial world, working as an accountant is more like being a business adviser to companies in different […]


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