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    Let us know how we did in Summer Term – your opinion counts!

Let us know how we did in Summer Term – your opinion counts!

The time has come for the termly feedback survey for LSE Careers – you should have a link to the survey in your inbox now! If you’ve attended a Careers event or seen one of the careers consultants this term, we would be very glad to hear from you.

We use the surveys as an important source to shape the services […]

Graduating in Summer 2017? Options with a 2:2

Congratulations to everyone graduating summer 2017. Getting your degree from LSE is a great achievement whatever the result! One of the questions we are asked, particularly at this time of year, is ‘what impact my degree class will have on my career?’

With many employers asking for a 2:1 it’s easy to see why some students are sent into a […]

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    Looking for paid work experience in the charity sector this summer?

Looking for paid work experience in the charity sector this summer?

LSE Careers is pleased to announce that we’re continuing our partnership with Santander Universities which offers LSE students and graduates paid internships within the charity sector during 2017.

If you’re looking for interesting, paid work experience in the charity sector and are available to start this summer, do explore some of the fantastic opportunities we’ve sourced through partnering with Santander […]

Get CV and interview essentials in just two minutes

Need to write your CV or got an interview coming up? We’ve launched two online video guides to job searching. Designed to give you short and snappy essentials at your finger tips, they focus on how to write an effective CV and how to prepare for an interview.

In less than two minutes, get the key concepts of making your […]

Five ways to get work experience this summer

It’s not too late to get some valuable work experience this summer and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be in the form of an internship. Here are five options to think about:
1. Find a holiday job
There are plenty of organisations that require staff for the summer period – positions range from teaching English overseas, working as […]

How to balance your studies with your career plan

Balancing life in modern day London can be a challenge at the best of times. Living in a city that’s constantly in a state of hustle and bustle, with so much to do and so much time needed to do it, things can become a little overwhelming. On top of that all of you have your LSE studies to […]

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    How to make the most of LSE Careers if you’re not in London

How to make the most of LSE Careers if you’re not in London

If you are heading out of London this summer there are still a lot of ways you can use LSE Careers to maximise your employability. Here are six top tips to get you started:
1. Take a break
You’ve worked hard this term and taking some time to rest will only benefit you going forward.  A break is a great time to reflect […]

Making the move: Corporate to not-for-profit evening

On Wednesday 29 March, LSE Careers is hosting a panel and networking evening to support the career development of current students and alumni with 2+ years’ experience in the private sector who are interested in making the move from the corporate world to not-for-profit organisations.

The evening will begin with a panel discussion between 7 and 8pm when a group […]

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    Alumni networking evening – international development sector

Alumni networking evening – international development sector

If you graduated from LSE 2-5 years ago and have 2-5 years of experience working in the international development sector, LSE Careers would like to invite you to an alumni networking evening.

Date: Thursday 30 March 2017
Time: 6:30-9pm
Venue: New Academic Building (NAB)

The evening will provide a platform for informal networking with fellow alumni over drinks and canapés where you can […]

How to set short, medium and long term goals

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Danny Wilkey:

Why is it important to set goals? Let’s begin with some common interview questions:

Where do you see your career in five years’ time?
Why did you choose that course?
Tell me about yourself

These questions assume you’ve not only thought about your career goals but you are able to articulate them. So having a […]

Careers FAQs – Lent Term

What if I haven’t been able to think about my career last term or attend any events yet?
That’s absolutely fine – it’s never too early or too late to get started! We know that depending on what you’re studying and at what level, as well as your personal and social commitments, it can feel like certain times of the […]

Finding an alternative internship

When you hear the word ‘internship’ what goes through your mind? A summer stint you should do if you want to join a bank or a professional services firm? A position in the City that involves finance or corporate know-how? It won’t come as a surprise to many of you that numerous students at LSE do select more formal, structured internship […]

How to cancel an event on CareerHub

If you find that you’re unable to go to an event that you have booked with us, you need to cancel it so that other students have the opportunity to attend. We usually have very long waiting lists (often in the hundreds for major events!) so it’s important to make sure you give someone else the opportunity to make the […]

  • Class of 2015. Recent LSE graduates after the Graduation Ceremony on the 16th July 2015.
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    Students and Alumni – how to make the most of LSE Alumni Relations services

Students and Alumni – how to make the most of LSE Alumni Relations services

Guest blog by LSE Alumni Relations:

Whether you’re a student or a graduate of LSE, you’re part of the LSE alumni community – a lifelong global network of over 136,000 members in roughly 200 countries across the world. As part of this network, LSE alumni can access a range of benefits and services, as well as join groups and events.

This […]

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    Prospective students – learn more about what LSE Careers has to offer

Prospective students – learn more about what LSE Careers has to offer

Thinking of applying to study for a master’s at LSE? Or have you already applied and need to make a choice?

We have a really useful webinar you can listen to for details about LSE Careers and our services and information on how we’ll support you whilst you’re at LSE and when you graduate.

Good luck!

Plan your career with Career Builder

It can be difficult to find the time to think about your future job options/getting work experience when you’re concentrating on your studies. LSE Careers has created a tool that can help you do this from the comfort of your own room.

Career Builder is an interactive guide to help you navigate the career planning process and find the most appropriate information […]

Things you should do before a careers event

If you’re going to a careers event where you’ll be meeting employers and company representatives then preparation is essential to help you make the most of it. The company representatives will be meeting a huge number of students like you, so if you want to learn the most relevant information from them then make sure you know how to […]

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    New students – what is LSE Careers, where can you find us, and how can we help?

New students – what is LSE Careers, where can you find us, and how can we help?

LSE Careers is here to help guide you through the careers maze with a comprehensive range of careers and employment services. You can find us on the fifth floor of the Saw Swee Hock, and you should also have a look at our website and CareerHub, where you can find more information about careers, and view and book events and […]

How to keep up to date with LSE Careers

Whether you’re a social media fan, prefer reading blogs, like your news in bite size form over email, want to talk face-to-face and get hard copies for things – or all the above – there are lots of ways you can stay up to date to make sure you get the most out of our services and events!
Blog and […]

LSE LIFE and LSE Careers

LSE LIFE is the new centre for undergraduate and MSc students. It provides a programme of academic, personal and professional development events in one central location – on the ground floor of the Library (Lionel Robbins Building). You can ask any questions about study skills, how to make the most of your time at LSE, or where your studies […]

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