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Polishing the STAR: enhancing your interview answers

So if you’ve seen our earlier blog on the STAR formula you’ll be familiar with STAR as a way of structuring answers to competency based questions.  Our guest blogger Mike Higgins is back with some tips to help make your interview answers even stronger.
The art of interviewing is the art of storytelling

You can’t disguise a competency-based question – it is always […]

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    Follow the guiding STAR – and nail those interview questions

Follow the guiding STAR – and nail those interview questions

Many organisations use competency-based questions for at least part of their recruitment process, so it pays to be aware of what you may be asked and develop some robust strategies for answering them. In the first of two blogs on interview technique our guest blogger Mike Higgins shares his insights into how to approach competency questions.
What I see when doing practice interviews […]


LSE Careers exclusive resources – Vault: Career Insider

Vault: Career Insider is an online tool that allows LSE students and alumni access to unlimited and comprehensive careers information and advice including:

worldwide company and internship ranking and reviews
industry guides, searchable by organisation, location and more
career path guidance, including profiles about different occupations
advice on resumes, cover letters, interviews and networking
company profiles to help you when researching employers
jobs […]


Video interviews – the why, what and how

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Maddie Smith:

We’re seeing a year on year increase in the numbers of organisations using video interviews to conduct first round interviews so it’s important to be prepared.

Video interviews (VIs) are not designed to catch you out. In much the same way as a telephone or other first round interview, recruiters are looking at how you […]


5 top tips for telephone interviews

Many employers use telephone interviews to screen applicants. Follow our five top tips to help you get through to the next stage of the recruitment process!
1. Prepare, prepare, prepare just as you would for any type of interview

Research the sector, organisation and role and think about your genuine reasons for wanting the role.
Review your application and think about which […]


Succeeding at strengths based interviewing

What is it?

Employers such as EY, Barclays, Aviva, Nestle and Standard Chartered use strengths based questions, instead of competency questions, to assess their candidates at interview. A strengths based interview focuses on your strengths and what you enjoy doing, rather than what you can do as in a competency interview. Everyone has strengths whereas not everyone has the necessary […]


Interview advice and basics

‘Tell me a joke’ said the stern faced recruiter to the quaking candidate.

Interviews are scary! Whether you’re facing your first or your twentieth, interviews have the power to make even the bravest of us nervous and tongue-tied. Whilst we can all prepare for the most obvious of questions there is always the fear of the unexpected: questions like […]


What to wear for a job interview

First impressions are vital – what you wear to an interview will affect how you are perceived by the employer. Luckily, our careers consultants have some advice for how to dress well!

For a formal interview (one in which you have been invited by the employer), you should always dress smartly. As a general rule, an appropriate interview outfit for […]


How LSE Careers can help you with your interview

Congratulations, you’ve been offered an interview – all those hours of writing the perfect application have paid off!

Perhaps you’ve been offered a telephone, Skype/video, or face-to-face interview. Maybe they’ll be asking you competency, strengths based, motivational, brain teaser, technical, case study, or situational judgement questions.

Whatever you’re due to face, LSE Careers can help support your preparation:

Read our interviews […]


How to succeed in assessment centres

Assessment centres can be an intimidating prospect, but they’re also an essential step in the recruitment process for many large employers. If you’ve been invited to an assessment centre and don’t know how to prepare, then don’t worry! LSE Careers can help you get ready for this.

All assessment centres are different, but we also have a lot of resources […]

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    Common mistakes at interview – how to get it right first time!

Common mistakes at interview – how to get it right first time!

Now is a particularly busy time for job and internship interviews and to support you, here LSE careers consultant Viki Chinn reflects on her experience of interviews including why some students get it ‘wrong’ and how to ensure positive outcomes instead:
1. Failing to do your homework
There is a simple equation for interview preparation – the better you prepare, the more likely you are to get […]


How to succeed at verbal and numerical reasoning tests

1. Figure out what’s expected from the tests

Usually when an organisation wants you to take online psychometric tests, they’ll give you a small amount of information about what they want to see. Some make your timing the priority, whereas others will state you don’t necessarily need to finish the test. They also sometimes state what level they’re looking for […]


Get CV and interview essentials in just two minutes

Need to write your CV or got an interview coming up? We’ve launched two online video guides to job searching. Designed to give you short and snappy essentials at your finger tips, they focus on how to write an effective CV and how to prepare for an interview.

In less than two minutes, get the key concepts of making your […]


Top ten interview essentials

So you have an interview coming up. Don’t worry: here are our top ten interview essentials which should help you get through it!

1. Prepare thoroughly

Whether this is the job that will be the start of your career or just something to make some money over the holidays, you need to prepare for your interview. This means knowing about the organisation, the […]


LSE Careers exclusive resources

Did you know that we have lots of subscriptions to exclusive resources just for LSE students? Simply follow the links, login with your LSE IT account details, and get started!
Visa sponsors in the UK
Search over 400 of the largest and most popular UK companies which are licensed to issue Tier 2 visa certificates with our visa sponsors search tool.
Online […]


How to prepare for group exercises in job interviews

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to attend an interview or assessment centre where one of the assessment tasks is a group exercise. You’re one step closer to getting that job!

A group exercise is an enjoyable part of the recruitment process, giving you the chance to demonstrate how you perform as part of a team. You’ll be put into a group […]


How to perform well in group exercises

The group exercise is a common component of most assessment centres and something that you are likely to become quite familiar with as you navigate your path into employment. Whether you’re taking part in a group discussion, team case study, role play or a ‘design and build’ team game, employers are interested in observing how you interact with others. […]


Tips to master presentations

1. Preparation is key

If you have a presentation to do, no matter how well you know the subject, don’t think you can just make it up as you go along. Preparation is very important, and you need to make sure that you have a structure to your presentation to ensure your audience is engaged and your content is clear.

2. […]


How to improve your presentation skills

Presentations are an integral element in the recruitment process for many organisations, and are something that few of us really enjoy, particularly when so much is at stake. The good news is that practice definitely makes perfect, and you’ll find that each time you present you will become more comfortable as long as you follow a few basic guidelines. […]


LSE Careers exclusive resources: Interview Stream

Interview Stream allows you to record and practise interviews online and you can use it to create your own custom interview from a large bank of questions (arranged by employment sector so it’s as relevant as possible).

You can record your responses via webcam and then review and assess your answers. If you don’t have a webcam, or don’t want to record yourself, […]


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