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Insider tips – training contracts and beyond

Guest blog by Emma Minihan (LSE LLB 2009) who is a Lawyer in the Government Legal Department:

Applying to GLD
I applied for my training contract in my final year of study at LSE, having decided during my second year that I didn’t want to be a lawyer! I found out about GLD (or Treasury Solicitor’s Department as it was then) […]

Volunteering opportunities of the week

Some of you might have their holidays now, some are writing your dissertation. Either way, you’re likely to have a bit more time on your hands. Why not start volunteering, or start planning ahead for next academic year? We’ve selected five interesting volunteering opportunities for you to get you started:

Opportunities of the week

Become a Mental Health Wellbeing Hub Volunteer […]

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    Want to learn more about successful networking and how to enjoy it?

Want to learn more about successful networking and how to enjoy it?

Are you nervous about networking? Come to our seminar 28 June to learn how to network effectively and build strong professional relationships for your job search and future career.

Knowing how to behave correctly can increase your confidence and comfort both in the workplace and at recruitment events. The seminar will provide you the opportunity to practise some simple techniques […]

Jobs of the week

Marketing Analysis Officer

Programme Administrator – Russia & Eurasia Programme

Political and Economic Adviser

Experienced hire
Senior Associate

Risk Analyst

Home Reading Volunteer 

How to decide on a career

Choosing the right career is tricky; most people break out in a cold sweat when asked the question: ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ There’s a lot of external pressure to land a perfect job and be super successful before the end of your 20s. But in reality, very few people find a good career […]

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    Thinking of doing a PhD? How do you know if it’s right for you?

Thinking of doing a PhD? How do you know if it’s right for you?

A PhD can certainly be a rewarding experience but it’s tough and takes a few years, so think through carefully before making the decision to apply.
Are you interested enough?
Refining and focusing on a single research topic for PhD level study requires commitment. You’re expected to produce original research that makes a contribution to the body of knowledge in your discipline, so […]

Enter the PHA Media PR Student Awards

Guest blog by PHA Media PR Student Awards:

PHA Media is an award winning Public Relations agency based in Soho and we regularly welcome students, graduates and aspiring PR professionals to gain a unique insight into PR.

The PHA Media 2017 PR Student Awards are now open for submissions!

To enter: Tell us about your favourite and most inspiring PR campaign from […]

Staying positive when your job search doesn’t go to plan

As you are coming to the end of your degree it can feel as if everyone else has got their life mapped out. Graduate job or internship secured. Maybe a holiday or bit of travel thrown in too. Yet despite making applications and maybe getting through various stages of the recruitment process you find yourself with nothing lined up […]

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    Menan Omar – Project Analyst and Post-Master Fellow, ICF and American University in Cairo

Menan Omar – Project Analyst and Post-Master Fellow, ICF and American University in Cairo

Menan Omar completed the MPA Dual Degree at LSE and Columbia University in 2013. She now works as a Project Analyst at the International Finance Corporation as well as a Post-Master Fellow at the American University in Cairo.
“Try to tap into the school’s non-academic resources and explore cosmopolitan London”
Find out more about Menan Omar and her experiences on her graduate profile page.

Improve your skills in our mock assessment centres

Assessment centres are a critical part of the recruitment process for many employers. Employers use group and individual tasks to assess your skills against an established set of criteria.

So to support you, we run regular mock assessment centres to simulate parts of a typical assessment day and give you an overview of the types of tasks involved.

There are two […]

How to get your first job in the charity sector

The not-for-profit sector has always been an attractive option for experienced people who reach a stage in their careers where making a difference and feeling a sense of personal satisfaction become more important than status or financial reward. With their compelling causes and varied career paths, charities are now attracting a much wider range of applicants, including those looking […]

How to make the most of your one-to-one careers appointment

Blog by LSE Careers consultant Shayna Main:

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a careers consultant is the chance to speak with students about a whole host of career-related issues in my one-to-one appointments. The students I meet with range from those who have no idea what career they want to go into to those who know exactly what they […]

Etiquette in the workplace – the first week and beyond

LSE Careers recently ran a series of workshops on ‘Skills in the workplace’ including one about etiquette. Whether you’re about to start your first ‘proper’ job or are moving to a new organisation we all share similar worries about that first day in the new job. What exactly will I be doing? Will I like my work colleagues? Will they like me? How […]

Want to know how to perform well at group exercises?

Group exercises are often part of the interview process/assessment centre, but they can take many forms so it can be difficult to know how to prepare.

We’re here to help though – come along to our interactive workshop on 21 June to get an introduction to typical group exercises, and learn what skills and behaviours employers are looking for.

You’ll have the opportunity […]

Final year students: Are you Graduate of the Year?

Guest blog by Adzuna:
While a university degree is the cornerstone of any graduate CV, work experience can help you stand out from the crowd.

But it can be challenging to find, which brings us nicely to Adzuna’s Undergraduate of the Year competition. Now in its sixth year, the competition recognises the brightest and best final year students, with a suite […]

Graduating in Summer 2017? Options with a 2:2

Congratulations to everyone graduating summer 2017. Getting your degree from LSE is a great achievement whatever the result! One of the questions we are asked, particularly at this time of year, is ‘what impact my degree class will have on my career?’

With many employers asking for a 2:1 it’s easy to see why some students are sent into a […]

Want to know how to perform well at interviews?

Interviews are definitely something you can research and practise and we’re here to help.

We’ve got two interactive workshops coming up on 22 June and 4 July where you can review your interview preparation approach, formulate suitable answers, and practise your technique with our careers consultants.

If you’ve been invited for an interview, you can book a practice interview as well.

We look forward to seeing you!

Aspiring Solicitors: commercial awareness competition

Are you an aspiring lawyer interested in honing your understanding of commercial awareness? Hadi Najem, LSE LLB student shares his experience of taking part in the Aspiring Solicitors Commercial Awareness competition and how others can benefit from entering:
Sooner or later, all aspiring commercial lawyers come head to head with the notoriously elusive yet invaluable concept of ‘commercial awareness’. For all those […]

Part-time jobs on LSE CareerHub

If you are looking for a part-time job over the summer to earn some extra money and/or gain work experience, there are currently over 250 opportunities on LSE CareerHub including:


Active LifeStyle Assistant

Cleanup Supervisor


Finance Assistant


Political Campaign Technology Internship


Researcher & Administrator

Visitor Fundraiser – Weekends


Research Assistant


Social Media Intern (Health-Tech company)

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    Looking for a job? Get some immediate job hunting strategies

Looking for a job? Get some immediate job hunting strategies

Search for jobs and apply – sounds easy enough, except we know it isn’t always! If you’re looking for a job we’re here to help – on Tuesday 20 June we’ve invited a panel of recruitment experts to talk about how to look for an immediate job. They’ll also give you more information on the different recruitment opportunities open to you, and […]

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