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FinTech and banks relationship: competitive or symbiotic?

Guest blog by RHB – learn more about RHB and the work they’re doing on campus Friday 31 March:
FinTech startups have existed for decades. The technology revolution and change in consumer mindset have helped startups evolve and launch to market faster. In comparison, large banks are still weighed down by legal processes and systems, which has been giving FinTech […]

Insider tips blog series from alumni and employers

Throughout the past few months, we’ve posted blogs from LSE alumni and employers about what it’s like to work in certain sectors, including their advice for current students.
In this blog you can find a recap of what they said – check out previous posts too and look out for more posts this year!

Culture, arts and heritage
Guest blog by LSE […]

Generating change: Celebrating women in entrepreneurship

As part of International Women’s Day we thought it would be an idea to have a chat with one of our inspirational women entrepreneurs who has left the LSE family to join the world of the startups and become a successful female innovator!
Introducing Eva
Eva is a graduate of MSc Media and Communications (2015) where she focused on human-computer interaction and […]

10 things budding entrepreneurs should know

If you’re starting a new business, there are a few things that you need to be aware of that you might not have previously thought. Hopefully this list will be helpful to you!

1. Pick a good name

Naming your business can be a lot of fun, but you’ve got to think about the practicalities of what’s in a name. Using […]

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    Breakfast epiphanies: entrepreneurial courage and creation meets coffee and croissants

Breakfast epiphanies: entrepreneurial courage and creation meets coffee and croissants

Even though the thought of linking up to Australia via a slightly/very dodgy Skype connection at 8am before the LSE IT team arrive in front of a room of 40 students quite honestly fills me with dread, I think it will most definitely be worth the stress given the person who will be speaking on the end of the line.

Just 4 […]

International ideas: taking your startup abroad

We live in an increasingly globalised world. Unlike what we read in history books and despite recent political rumblings, economies no longer stop at national borders. In some cases such Europe and SE Asia, economies even span beyond continents meaning that goods and services move freely between different national and regional consumer groups. This poses great opportunity for entrepreneurs […]

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    Could you have what it takes to become a social entrepreneur?

Could you have what it takes to become a social entrepreneur?

As we’re all aware, our world is a dynamic place. It’s constantly a-changing, becoming ever-more fast-paced and complex by the day. This will come as no surprise to LSE students from every discipline. After all, our university is dedicated to the study of social and political science – sciences which investigate how and why socio-economic realities have changed over time. […]

Presenting with confidence – how to pitch

Pitching and presenting successfully involves using a blend of techniques, including applied improvisation and learning practical ways to improve our confidence. Here are a few valuable tips to help you be pitch perfect:
Tip #1: Don’t rush into speaking
Make sure you are well-positioned and standing (or sitting) still before speaking. It’s easy to start speaking before you are stationary and if […]

Get involved in Tata’s social internship scheme

The Tata Social Internship Scheme is a unique partnership between Tata and four leading universities (LSE, the University of Cambridge, UC Berkeley and UC Davis) and is managed and administered by LSE Careers and India Observatory.
The primary objective of the Tata social internship scheme is to give students the opportunity to work on social entrepreneurship, environmental development and corporate social […]

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    From Thesis to ‘brilliantly organic’ – launcing FLO by Tara Chandra, an LSE alum

From Thesis to ‘brilliantly organic’ – launcing FLO by Tara Chandra, an LSE alum

Tara Chandra grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and received her BA in Economics from Columbia University in New York. She finished university early to move to Los Angeles for her music career and soon signed to European and Asian indie labels. After three years of touring and some career highlights, Tara moved to London to […]

Could you be the winner of the next LSE Generate funding comp? There’s only one way to find out!

Not to panic you at all, but you have just TWO MORE DAYS until the Lent Term Generate funding competition closes. We’ve had some great entries so far and are eager to see a few more before the deadline on Sunday (29 January) night. Whether your business idea focuses on fashion, technology, education, finance or development we would love to […]

Is charity a good career option? Thoughts from an LSE alum

LSE alumnus Iqbal Wahhab OBE is the founder of London restaurants The Cinnamon Club and Roast and chairs two social enterprises – Bounce Back and Mums The Chef.

His book Charity Sucks was published last year and he’s taking part in a panel discussion Wednesday 25 January, 12-2pm at The Wolfson Theatre, looking at whether philanthropy has helped alleviate poverty […]

Insider tips – social startup survival guide

If you ask anyone to name a social injustice that they felt strongly about, most people would come up with one straight away and it wouldn’t take long for them to start listing the reasons the problem exists as well as potential ways to overcome it.

Whether it’s youth unemployment, cuts to healthcare provisions, or gender inequality, everyone has a […]

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    Environmental Entrepreneurship: the key to a sustainable future?

Environmental Entrepreneurship: the key to a sustainable future?

Each year at LSE Generate we see an increasing number of funding applications focused on the problem of climate change. When climate change is a distant concept and doesn’t ‘appear’ to be having a direct impact on your life, it’s relatively easy to ignore it. For many LSE students, however, the devastating changes in the environment have had a […]

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    Organising innovation in volatile times – thoughts from Emeritus Professor aladin aladin

Organising innovation in volatile times – thoughts from Emeritus Professor aladin aladin

Emeritus Professor aladin aladin is leading a workshop on Wednesday 11 January 2017 on Emergency innovation’ – imaginative responses to crisis and uncertainty, as part of the Generate programme. Here he gives his thoughts on organising innovation in volatile times.

It is a ‘post post’ era [post digital, post globalised, post post modern] of parallel narratives and competing paradigms, where […]

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    And the Generate funding competition winners are…*drum roll*

And the Generate funding competition winners are…*drum roll*

And breathe! Last Friday signaled the end of yet another exhausting but wonderfully inspiring Generate funding competition and wrapped up the first term of our skills development programme. After organising this entrepreneurial extravaganza for five years now, the panel of judges and Team Generate were in total agreement that this was hands down the best year yet in terms […]

Tips to start your own business

1. Make sure it’s right for you

Are you ready for this? Starting your own business requires a lot of stamina and sacrifice. There will be times where it doesn’t seem like you’re getting anywhere, and so you need to be able to stay strong and optimistic in the face of adversity.

You need to do something you enjoy, but you should […]

Brexit: Startup now or pay up later

Guest blog by Lewis Silkin LLP:

The routes available to entrepreneurs under the Immigration Rules are much more onerous, expensive and risky than the self-employment option currently available to EEA nationals under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations (‘the Regulations’).
EEA nationals’ current rights and documentation
EEA nationals wanting to set up in business in the UK can currently come here and […]

Tips from alumni for PhD entrepreneurs

A selection of LSE PhD students and graduates recently shared their experience of entrepreneurship during and after their PhDs. Read their biographies below – they’re impressive people, and encourage you to be equally so! There are also a few key messages to repeat about getting started, the people, your motivation, and resources.
The messages

Find people you want to work with, people […]

The finance maze – raising money in Europe

‘If you decide to be an entrepreneur, do something crazy. Then at least when you fail people will remember you.’

You wouldn’t expect these words to come from one of the most successful investors in Europe, would you? Oussama Ammar, co-founder of TheFamily, a European-wide investor that currently nurtures a whopping 250 startups through an innovative mix of education, services, […]

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