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    Career progression beyond the PhD: wondering how to make it happen?

Career progression beyond the PhD: wondering how to make it happen?

Working for your PhD is, or can be, all consuming and making time to think ahead might not be your top priority. Knowing what you want to do, what’s realistic and how to make it happen can reduce anxiety about the future beyond the PhD and can help you finish and submit effectively. Avoid getting into a tangle at the […]

CVs and covering letters for PhD students

Yes, you will have more than one CV!
More than half of LSE PhD students work outside academia after their studies. For some, the transition is smooth, for others the journey is longer and involves some rejections from employers before securing the first post-PhD position. A well prepared CV or application form will increase your chances of success in […]

Hacking the USA academic job market

LSE Careers hosted a popular talk by the team from ‘The Professor is In’ last week and the messages were hard hitting. For example 76% of academic staff in the US are on short term contracts; academic departments are shrinking; each vacant position attracts 200-900 applications; 60,000 PhDs are awarded in the US every year; there are not enough […]

Understanding the UK academic job market and how to apply

The first destination employment rates for LSE PhD graduates are consistently high at over 90%, and about 60% of LSE PhD graduates tell us that they have jobs working in teaching and or research in higher education six months after graduating. There are 150 universities in the UK and almost all will have departments to which you could apply […]

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    Summer support and events for PhD students and research staff

Summer support and events for PhD students and research staff

Welcome to the PhD Careers summer programme! It’s time to refresh your career with…
Individual, confidential career review one-to-one meetings are available, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays (but can be negotiated for another day if those aren’t convenient) with Catherine Reynolds, our Careers Consultant for PhD students. These last for 30 minutes and you can check availability and book appointments […]

Applying for post-doc funding?

It’s tough. Is it worth it? Well, it was for Dr Joseph Downing and it can be for you too!

Joseph starts a funded two year post-doc in October 2016 and the journey getting there will be epic. It starts with his AHRC funded PhD at the LSE European Institute and this episode ends with the awarding of his EC Marie […]

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    Global opportunities in and outside academia for PhDs and research staff

Global opportunities in and outside academia for PhDs and research staff

If you’re considering the global labour market, there are a couple of things to draw to your attention to including vacancies and advice:
Academic jobs in the US
The Professor Is In is a blog dedicated to helping PhDs master the academic and post-academic job markets in the USA and is written by Dr Karen Kelsky former tenured professor and department […]

PhD students – in or outside academia? Can you have both?

Blog by our PhD Careers Consultant Catherine Reynolds:

Is there really a binary divide between the employment worlds of academia and other sectors? As a PhD student or a worker on a temporary contract in Higher Education your long term future might involve both. Putting aside tricky questions about finding vacancies, making applications and succeeding at interview, where will you find job and […]

Upcoming PhD events

Academic interview skills – Friday 4 March 12-2pm
This seminar is an introduction to interviews for academic jobs for PhD students and research staff, covering how to prepare and what to expect. Careers Consultant Catherine Reynolds will help you understand and prepare for typical selection activities and answer your questions. Dr Chris Moos, LSE PhD 2015, recently involved in selection processes, will share his […]

Support for PhD students moving into academic jobs

The academic job market is competitive but we know that over 50% of LSE PhD students move into academic jobs after their PhD. Already this term LSE Careers has delivered a seminar on preparing academic CVs and covering letters, slides from this are online and advice is on our website with examples of successful application materials.

Upcoming seminar
Coming next (Friday […]

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