Constitutional Carnival

The project comes together on 26 June 2014 at our Constitutional Carnival. The doors of LSE’s Saw Swee Hock Student Centre will be thrown open for an evening of constitutional celebration.

saw swee hockAll those involved in the project, and many others joining for the first time, will be invited to come together to have their say on what should be included in a UK constitution. Should we have a monarch? Is the House of Lords worth keeping? Should the judges be able to strike down laws? Does England need regional assemblies? Should we have human rights? When can we go to war?

Join us for an evening of interactive activities where you can learn about the UK’s existing constitution and have your say on what could be included in a new one.  Debate with experts in round table discussions, stand up on our soapbox to voice your opinions or write your views on our ‘Equality and Diversity Wall’. There will be “experts” on hand to help, and guidance from past discussions on the website, but this is the day when the GENERAL PUBLIC takes its stand and has its say.

When: 16.00-20.00, Thursday 26 June 2014

Where: The LSE SU Venue and Mezzanine, Saw Swee Hock Centre, 1 Sheffield Street, London, WC2A 2AP


Head of State
Key question: Who should be our head of state?
Facilitators: Ian Roberts, Graham Smith, Martin Lewis

The UK’s Sovereignty
Key question: Who Runs Britain? Who should run Britain?
Facilitators: Melanie Strickland, Baroness Joyce Quin

Equality and Diversity
Key question: Should we be equal?
Facilitators: Peter Tatchell, Purna Sen

Key question: How should we decide which rights to protect?
Facilitators: Alasdair Cochrane, Professor Conor Gearty

Key question: Can the constitution protect the economy?
Facilitator: Martin Lewis

The Law
Key question: Where should judges fit in a written constitution?
Facilitators: Dawn Oliver, Robert Hazell, Robert Craig

+ Games, Competitions and Refreshments!