An article in the Independent newspaper highlights some worries about NHS data. It might seem a good idea to make summary care records available to pharmacists – but what if your pharmacist is also a large retailer like Boots or Tesco, whose business is increasingly dependant upon data collection and targeted sales?

What is also worrying is that, as the article details, insufficient research was completed to enable NHS England to back up their claim that making records available to pharmacies will ‘ease pressures on family doctors and improve the care given to patients in the High Street’. Their pilot study of 140 pharmacies gathered a measly 15 patients responses which were later discounted. For an organisation which constantly stresses its reliance on evidence based medicine and medical practice, it seems out of step to privilege business practice in the name of efficiency over solid evidence.

The Independent suggests a digital record card which the patient keeps and uses to access medical care and prescriptions. Might be a good idea???

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