To launch our ‘mini series’ about undergraduate research that will run over the next couple of weeks, we’re posting a link to a paper by Philippa Levy and Robert Petrulis from Studies in Higher Education. How do first year university students experience inquiry and research and what are the implications for the practice of inquiry based learning? (2012) looks at the different ways in which undergraduates in the arts, humanities and social sciences approach and experience research and presents a conceptual framework for inquiry based learning that may be useful for pedagogical design.

Our mini series ties in with the launch this week for applications to LSE GROUPS 2014, an opportunity for LSE undergraduates to participate in an original interdisciplinary research project over two weeks at the end of Summer Term. Briefing meetings for interested undergraduates are taking place as follows and we would be grateful if you could inform your students:

Friday 7 February, 13:00-14:00, KSW 4.03

Tuesday 11 February, 13:00-14:00, KSW 1.03

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