At our event with Eric Ries (podcast and video here), he mentioned that he had a big announcement planned for SXSW. He told us it involved a book and it involved Kickstarter, but that’s all we knew. Until today… Here are the details of Eric Ries’s new lean start-up project, which was launched this morning:

Eric Ries, the author of The Lean Startup, is launching a new crowdfunded book project and reader community. Eric’s Kickstarter for the project — called The Leader’s Guide — is now live. The campaign will offer two key elements: a limited-edition book only available through this 30-day campaign, and a master class for Lean Startup practitioners.

The Leader’s Guide is a 250-page, four-color hardcover book (also offered digitally) that contains the curriculum Eric uses with his startup and corporate clients, as well as scores of never-before-published case studies and stories gathered over the course of five years. Think of it as a field guide for implementing Lean Startup principles in any work environment.

Additionally, Eric hopes to turn readers into collaborators by creating a private community just for Kickstarter backers. This private community will launch in the coming weeks and enable readers to collectively test and share feedback working through the concepts in The Leaders Guide. If the book is the field guide, the private community will be the virtual classroom and testing ground. This is expected to be a year-long process — the best learnings from the experience will be included in his 2017 traditionally-published book.

The Leaders Guide also has 24 different levels of backer rewards ranging from $5.00 to $10,000 for individuals and teams. Highlights include:

  • The opportunity to spend a day at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz in San Francisco
  • An afternoon in Boulder with Techstars co-founder Brad Feld
  • A chance to attend a live taping of Bloomberg West
  • Three-night trip to Las Vegas to become immersed in Tony Hsieh’s “Downtown Project” and the city’s emerging tech scene
  • Lunch with Jason Calacanis and Eric at The Battery in San Francisco
  • Customized workshops for teams with experienced Lean Startup mentors
  • A special “Two-pizza team” package for entire teams, including books, videos, and a Lean Startup course

The full list of rewards, description, and Eric’s video can be found on the campaign Kickstarter page:

Eric has also written a Medium post about why he’s crowdfunding this next book release which you can find here: Can a Book be a Startup?