This is the last post on this blog. LSE Entrepreneurship is winding down, making way for the newly announced Marshall Institute of Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, which launches later in 2015.

We’ve been busy since LSE Entrepreneurship started last September. Our seventeen events, attended by LSE students, staff, alumni and the public, have seen some of the world’s finest entrepreneurial minds speak at LSE.

The diversity of our speakers and their experiences explored the breadth of ways entrepreneurship, in its many forms, has shaped and is shaping the modern world.

Peter Thiel speaking, September 2014

Peter Thiel speaking, September 2014

Our events with the Public Lecture Programme included talks from Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, Muhammad Yunus, the father of micro-finance, and Sherry Coutu, who laid out a vision for how government could support high growth companies. We also held an event with Adrian Wooldridge, management editor of the Economist and Schumpeter columnist, on the disruptive forces shaping today’s business world, and a policy briefing on cyber security and entrepreneurship. Later this month, June 2015, we will host our final two events looking at gender and higher education.

Sherry Coutu introduces her Scale-Up Manifesto

Sherry Coutu introduces her Scale-Up Manifesto, October 2014

The seven sessions of our Entrepreneurship Matters course covered topics ranging from the trajectory of the Chinese tech sector to the different models of social entrepreneurship. Each session was followed by networking, and for those of you who want to build on the connections you made can join our LinkedIn group.

There will still be lots of entrepreneurial goings-on at LSE for you to get involved in, even before the Marshall Institute is fully in action. The Generate programme will continue to provide its excellent suite of events and training programmes to help students and recent alumni develop their business ideas. You can find out more about Generate here. It’s also a good idea to follow the public events page – lots of excellent speakers, including entrepreneurs and business people, come to speak at LSE.

Finally, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended our events, contributed to our blog and voted in our polls.

The LSE Entrepreneurship team