Welcome to the weekly Equality and Diversity news; highlights include: debating Paralympics, Opportunity Now’s report on influencing the speed of women’s progression in the workplace, review of ‘How to be Gay’ and more.

With the Paralympics now underway, many issues relating to attitudes toward disability, disabled people’s rights and the disability movement are being raised. Last week we published a round-up of the interesting debates that the Paralympics are generating, including the discussion on the history of the Paralympics, whether Paralympians are elite disabled athletes and disabled people and the welfare reforms in the UK.

Opportunity Now has published a report entitled ‘Changing Gear: Quickening the Pace of Women’s Progression’. The report presents twenty years of research condensed into what Opportunity Now believes to be the ten most impactful factors influencing the speed of change for women’s progression in the workplace. Opportunity Now says: “Serving as a healthcheck  for those organisations who are in advanced stages of their diversity journey this document also serves as a starter for ten for those just beginning it.”

Starting this October, men with historic convictions of consensual gay sex will be able to apply to the Home Office to have these records deleted. Most of these offences were decriminalised in 1967 but men charged prior to then continue to have criminal records. This anomaly will be corrected by the Home Office through consideration of individual applications.

We came across an interesting review of David Harlepin’s new book ‘How to be Gay’. The reviewer, Philip Hensher, criticises the book on the premise that it’s very America-centric: “Outside America, he reliably gets things wrong, suggesting that Bollywood musicals may represent the same sort of gay cult to Indian gay men that Sex and the City does to Americans…” Have you read the book yet? Let us know what you thought about it.

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