Noam Chomsky

voxEUROPP Episode 2: Eastern Europe and Democracy

Today EUROPP launches the second episode in our voxEUROPP series of podcasts. Presented by Chris Gilson and Stuart A Brown, voxEUROPP draws on academic experts from EUROPP to discuss the latest issues across European governance, economics, politics, culture and society, both at the European Union and national levels.

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In this voxEUROPP episode we hear from specialists on politics in Eastern Europe and take an in-depth […]


Five minutes with Noam Chomsky – “Europe is pretty much following behind US policy, no matter what that policy is”

Last week the General Assembly of the United Nations voted in favour of recognising Palestine as a non-member observer state. The EU was unable to reach a common position on the issue, with some states voting in favour and others, including Germany and the United Kingdom, abstaining. EUROPP editors Stuart A Brown and Chris Gilson asked Noam Chomsky for his […]


Five minutes with Noam Chomsky – “Europe’s policies make sense only on one assumption: that the goal is to try and undermine and unravel the welfare state.”

In the first of two interviews with EUROPP editors Stuart A Brown and Chris Gilson, Noam Chomsky discusses technocratic governance in Europe, why the eurozone’s austerity policies are failing to solve the crisis, and the rise of the far-right in countries such as Greece and France.   What do you think the use of technocratic governments in Europe says about […]