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Book Review: After the Third Way: The Future of Social Democracy in Europe

Electorally marginalised, seemingly ideologically exhausted and often out-of-step with the contemporary zeitgeist, many commentators believe that European social democracy is currently in profound need of revision and renewal. This book marks a serious attempt to forge the intellectual backbone of a renewed social democracy fit for the twenty-first century. Bringing together leading academics, political thinkers and policy experts, it offers […]

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The negotiations which led to the creation of the European Monetary System thirty years ago can shed light on the Eurozone’s current crisis

The Euro’s roots can be traced back to the creation of the European Monetary System (EMS) in 1979. Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol argues that the negotiations that led to the establishment of the EMS can shed light on the current travails of the Eurozone, and that there are some striking similarities with recent Eurozone summits.  Looking at the EMS negotiations now furthers […]


Massive public service reform for its dysfunctional state and a Euro exit and devaluation are the only way for Greece to break its current ‘doom loop’.

Many of Greece’s problems are down to the dysfunctionality of its government. Robert Wade outlines just how dysfunctional the Greek state is, finding that 15 ministries and 48 ministers supervise some 2,500 entities, with few centralised information systems and a lengthy bureaucracy for appointments. However, the government’s recent reform efforts have exacerbated the country’s ‘doom loop’, with sharp falls in […]


Book Review: European Media: Structures, Politics and Identity

Examining interactions between global, regional and national media processes, European Media emphasises the transformation of political communication in Europe and the alleged emergence of a European public sphere and identity. Damian Tambini finds it offers an excellent overview and reference on some of the big shifts that characterise the evolving media scene in Europe. European Media: Structures, Politics and Identity. Stylianos Papathanassopoulos and Ralph Negrine. Polity. July 2011. […]

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Book Review: The Future of Europe: Towards a Two-Speed EU?

Public unease with the European Union, Euro problems, and dysfunctional institutions give rise to the real danger that the EU will become increasing irrelevant, just as its member states face more and more challenges in a globalised world. Jean-Claude Piris, a leading figure in the conception and drafting of the EU’s legal structures, works through the options available in light […]


Book Review: The Challenge of Political Representation in the European Union

Democratic representation has never been so misrepresented as in the current European climate, and this new collection argues that if the EU wants to regain the support of its citizens, more avenues for democratic representation are necessary. Reviewed by Madalina Dobrescu. The Challenge of Political Representation in the European Union. Sandra Kröger and Dawid Friedrich. Palgrave Macmillan. November 2011. Find this book:  Two eventful decades might […]

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