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Why repealing the tampon tax is not enough



Many women in poverty still can’t buy pads or tampon

In the last couple of years, countries from Canada to the UK have made headlines for abolishing the tampon tax. But for many low-income women – whether in Western metropolises or sub-Saharan Africa – savings of several cents do not tackle the real problem: these products can be unaffordable altogether.

Almost two-thirds […]

New Handbook on Gender and the Military

By Claire Duncanson and Rachel Woodward


Gender issues in the military have hit the headlines this summer. Whether it’s the celebrations of one hundred years of women in the British military, President Trump’s ban on transgender personnel serving in the US military, or the ‘cultural wars’ – or lack thereof – over the absence of diversity in the big movie […]

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    We need better responses to sexual harassment on public transportation

We need better responses to sexual harassment on public transportation

by Aiko Holvikivi

We know sexual harassment is rife on London’s public transportation system. I doubt you could find one Londoner who has not experienced, witnessed, or heard a first-hand account of it. The Everyday Sexism Project has famously documented such violations for years. The authorities know it too: they have launched initiatives in recent years, including Project Guardian and the […]

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