Why feminisms? On power, care and the failure to cope

by Tomás Ojeda

On Wednesday 3 October 2018, LSE Gender PhD students organised an event titled ‘Why feminisms? An open discussion about doing gender research’. During this event, MSc and PhD students discussed what inspired them to study gender. Three PhD students then presented their thoughts about doing feminist research in this particular moment in history: one where gender studies faces […]

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    Tackling sexual harassment and bullying in higher education: towards a more comprehensive policy response

Tackling sexual harassment and bullying in higher education: towards a more comprehensive policy response

by the Alliance of Women in Academia

Bullying and sexual harassment are gaining unprecedented visibility with Hollywood’s #timesup movement and the adoption of #metoo. We know that bullying and sexual harassment exists in every sector and in every country, and academia is no exception. As with other sectors, the current culture of limited opportunities and resources requires individuals to compete […]

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The Post-Strike Landscape

by Left of Brown and Sisters of Resistance


In a world of possibility for us all, our personal visions help lay the groundwork for political action.
– Audre Lorde

As of 12 March 2018, we are in the post-strike landscape. The terms of the ‘agreement’ reached yesterday are unsatisfactory and the outcome has demonstrated the extent of the leadership crisis in the sector. Neither […]

Unpacking Consent: An interdisciplinary bibliography

by Harriet Gray 

Debates around sexual violence often place consent – and, in particular, the lack of it – at the heart of their definitions. In popular discourse as well as in legal judgements, consent is the hinge around which a particular act is understood as ‘sex’ or, alternatively, as ‘violence.’ However, despite the simplicity and rigidity often attributed to […]

Disclosure and exposure in the neoliberal university

by Alison Phipps   This Spring, as part of a collaborative partnership of colleagues from the UK and 5 other European countries, I helped to launch a European Commission-funded project entitled ‘Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence‘. Our main aim is to create university environments in which students can disclose experiences of sexual harassment and assault, through providing ‘first response’ training […]

A compulsory heteronormative university? The regulation of sexualities and identities in the UK higher education system

It is often believed that universities are open and progressive places where everyone can and express themselves. However, several studies highlight the ongoing discriminations against oppressed groups such as women, Black and LGBT people. The particular experience of LGBT students is quite difficult to capture as there is no consistent data collection and monitoring. It also represents an epistemological challenge […]

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Only Deeds: Twenty Years Later and Still Not Recognizing What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Philosophy

[trigger warning] Suppose I decide to rape Catharine MacKinnon before reviewing her book. (Carlin Romano, 1993,  The Nation) Suppose I decide to skip Carlin Romano’s latest pontification before blogging about him. Because I’m uncertain he understands the difference between being a feminist and being a ‘feminist’. Perhaps the better question is, suppose the discipline of philosophy valued the existence and […]

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Accessibility at the Go Feminist Conference

This past weekend, Amanda Conroy and Linnea Sandström, members of the Engenderings editorial collective, set up a stall at the Go Feminist conference held in London. This is what they got out of the experience.     Immediately upon arriving to the Go Feminist conference, it seemed different to other conferences; there were women transcribing what was being said by […]

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